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I don't think Sky News will plummet to the depths of pure political bias as their sister network FOX News. I mean FOX news anchors need to have their tongues dry cleaned after all the ass licking of Donald Trump they do in any given day.

Can you imagine how bad Sky News would be if they used the same tactics and ass kissing as Fox News here in the UK. They would be out of business very soon.

I am used to US cable news channels, and watching them makes me glad we have just two BBC and Sky. Both have their bias and flaws but when it comes to the US, we are much better off.

Well there is a big difference between the US and the UK. Here news broadcasts legally have to be impartial. There is no such requirement in the US.
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BBC has announced its plans for the Election.

The BBC has announced it will host a Leaders Debate on the 31st May, moderated by Mishal Hussain, with 7 parties represented without May and Corbyn.

In addition, there will be two Question Time specials by David Dimbleby, 1st May vs Corbyn. 2nd Farron v Sturgeon - no shared stage.

Andrew Neil will conduct a number of interviews in prime time. On top of that there will be 2 programmes, Election Questions to Leanne Wood and Paul Nutall, and a Newsbeat Youth Debate hosted by Tina Daheley in Manchester.

More: Party leaders to take part in BBC election programmes
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BBC may have excellent links to the constituencies but for the remaining ones they just feel that they are not interesting and so do not need to be reported that quickly.

The BBC will prioritise which counts to concentrate on editorially and technically (just as Sky and ITN do) they have a presence at every count. There will be someone, employed by the BBC (even if its just a fixer / freelancer for the night) to phone through the result to a dedicated team. As part of that the person taking in the information confirms the number - and if its a particularly large swing or unexpected result the software flags it up to try and avoid mistakes. i seem to remember being told that a few years ago that one of the old weather presenters (may have been Michael Fish) would always be at his local count.
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ITN seem to be moving into full campaign mode now, the Campaigning Correspondents are out with their respective assigned parties, Mary is hosting the evening news from Hartlepool (a marginal seat this evening) and the first of the Tonight Leader interviews airs this evening.

One thing that I've observed and slightly irritates me about BBC's coverage is though Laura Kuensberg's reporting is completely impartial and her analysis strong (no question about any of that whatsoever, for me she is the besst political journalist), she does seem to be spending a large amount of time following the Conservative Campaign trail and Theresa May, I thought the idea was the Political Editor floats between all campaigns as required. Thus far, I've seen her out on the trail with Labour once soon after the election was announced with the Deputy Political Editor, other political correspondents or in some instances the Health Editor covering the labour side of things in the main. I just think it would be better if she were to strike a bit of a better balance in terms of what she covered what day, as so far its as if she is taking the role of Conservative Campaign correspondent rather than Political Editor.

One other thing which I haven't seen noted here (though apologies if it has been) the Green Party have made a formal complaint to the BBC about the lack of coverage they recieve as opposed to UKIP, the fact that today's plans include a leaders question special with the latters leader across England with no equivalent for their party is only likely to increase this critcism.
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Ironically in the light of ginofish's post, Laura seems to be at the Labour campaign launch today.

I guess the nature of the snap election is that the Tories were ready to start campaigning and had events planned before calling it, so there has been more to cover from that camp so far.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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I agree with the general point Steve, though there were a couple of occasions where I think the Labour story was the one by some margin I would expect the Poltical Editor to cover on whatever particular day. All a matter of personal judgement I suppose and as you say overall it may be a case of there being more news from one Camp initially

Though as you say Laura seems to have done a lot on the Labour campaign today, and likewise good to see John on the Cosnervative trail for a change. Hopefully this will be more even as the election campaign plays out, I probably would have been particularly concerned if she hadn't been covering the launch today.

Prime Minster coincidently is on the One Show this evening with her husband, though understandably a more relaxed affair than the conventional interview.