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And BTW, Movies4Men do have new idents here they are on Ident Gallery:

Your about a week too late Wink read a page back.

With CBS, what I find strange is there just made minor changes to the ident then change then a month later, with the tags.

Oh, didn't notice (What a tool!)
From what I've seen (beware: I have a VERY bad track record with information, see The Sport Thread) Horror did have a Sci-Fi Zone opening ident as well as promos, bumpers and a closing ident. CBS aren't updating their pres in America (but again, Bad track record) so why in the UK.

I think I know what your on about, I dont think it was a ident more like a sting etc.
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It seems the revised pres started on the 18th April and was created by Holmans Ahd hurts. There should be 10 idents.

Also it seems the channel is creating more new oringal content for the channel.
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What happening with Movies 4 men? the new set of pres which come in march seems to have disappeared?
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I was waiting for horror to update. That just leaves action and drama. With trutv I looked up the channel in mid May so anytime after that. Can anyone do better 😉 mind you it been 6 weeks now since agt started.... I wonder if Thats a clue.
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Was it last Thursday Horror rebranded??? Has the special horror pres at 6pm changed Cool
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Sci-FI Zone on Horror hasn't changed.