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They did use to pre-record This Morning with past interviews in the Richard and Judy and early Fern and Phillip days for a Bank Holiday. Not quite sure why they no longer do this now.

I don't think they did that. The only time I ever remember This Morning being on a Bank Holiday when Richard and Judy did it was on Easter Monday 1997 which was a deliberate attempt by ITV to spoil the first full day of Channel 5. Other than that they pretty much never did it. In those days they'd always go off for the summer and usually for Easter as well (and when they were on during school holidays, like half term, they'd include cartoons in the line-up).

I don't see what the argument is. So what if Loose Women is on today, doesn't mean everything has to be on, does it? I did some of the things I normally do on a Friday today but I didn't go to work. Complaints they don't do anything special for a Bank Holiday, complaints when they take the normal programmes off.
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I know there is most probably a set-procedure to follow when this kind of breaking news unfolds, but it's a shame that This Morning was taken off air today, seeing as Eamonn was presenting...delivering breaking news is his forte!

Although, it gave them the opportunity to pre-record interviews with already booked guests (i.e. Gordon Ramsay) to show on a less busy day.
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Though I'm sure I've seen video of CNN or one of the news channels simulcasting GMTV, so they can't have thought they were all that bad!

During the Iraq war GMTV was simulcast on the ITV News Channel for a couple of weeks

Wasn't that because GMTV owned the slot and decided it would be better to simulcast rather than put up a slide for 205 minutes as they had been doing before?
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