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Anglia (East) Look East
I made the effort to just look at the introductions in the 5pm and 6pm to Adam Parsons, and they almost completely differentt, so god knows what you're on about IsleOfIreland!

Kay @ 5pm: For more we're joined by Sky News business correspondent Adam Parsons, who's got some breaking news for us. Hello to you Adam, what's the latest?
Kay @ 6pm: Ooh, furious backpeddling - our news business correspondent Adam Parsons is standing by for us. In a bit of bother here Google, aren't they?
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I rescind some but not all of this post.

The takeaway lesson being: If somebody who's IN the Sky newsroom (or anywhere that's on live TV, for that matter) tells you you're mistaken about what's happening with their live output, it shouldn't take 3-5 further posts for you to mea culpa.
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Sky News Tonight coming from the box tonight with Sophy.
Also noticed that Niall presented 11-3 today solo and Gillian and Tom presented 3-7. So a swap today for the number of presenters.
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