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Mike W4,707 posts since 30 Apr 2006
Was a box logo patch (as introduced on the BBC One/BBC Two idents from 2002 and 2001 respectively) planned with the 1997 brand?

I ask as the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 had BBC One logos in a 'non-standard' arrangement in advertising bill boards

From a pres point of view it is interesting as it shows that a stacked logo was part of the print package for BBC One introduced in 1997, and also that the channel branding was used as opposed to the corporate BBC logo which was used in all other ESC publicity.
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Mike W4,707 posts since 30 Apr 2006
Stacked versions like that (without a box as later on) were available from the start weren't they? As an alternate version anyway. I recall BBC Online used to use them.

I always thought that stacked logos were prohibited by the 'rules', particularly where the directorate, channel, nation or region name was larger than the BBC block text? I may be mis-remembering what I've read, and I was quite young when this look lanched, so can't remember the TV listings either!

I just thought it was strange as I'd never seen that variant of the logo before
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...
noggin12,752 posts since 26 Jun 2001
In that case though, doesn't stacked mean rotated 90 degrees? I don't recall seeing one with the letters on top of each other for years after the rebrand.

No - stacked means one above the other - not rotated.

So the stacked version of :

BBC World

would be :


The main thing about the [B][B][C] logo was that you weren't allowed to break up the logo.


was forbidden. You had to rotate all three blocks as a single unit, not individually.

There has been 'some' relaxation - with some degree of animation and the BBC 'trinity' branding taking place (though this doesn't seem to have been pushed anywhere near as much as was envisaged)