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March 2017 onwards - Moving to TVC Studio 3 on 16th April 2018 (March 2017)

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rob Founding member
7am opening (no signal glitches this time)

Technical problems already with the more complex TOTH, it must be a lot more work with the new graphics.

The coloured block behind the 'tags' kept disappearing after the transition.
And for once they are bang on time, if not early
So what I like:
- Graphics are lovely and tidy
- Wipes are nice
- 2 way box had a lovely background
- There's a weather flicker back!!

What I don't like:
- That menu is awful
- The ticker seems to be on a very long loop, whenever I look up it seems to be Entertainment or Weather rather than the headlines.
- The steadycam run at the start of the opener was too much

The theme tune is nice however I don't think it fits with our accent and our talking speed. Watch the TODAY opener:

Savannah Guthrie sounds like she's going to have an asthma attack at the end because she's been talking so fast. I think they need to up the pace on GMB for it to work. Also if you look at the pace of the cuts during that opener, they're so fast and fit with the theme tune speed.

Overall though, very nice and it still feels very GMB while being way tidier.
Whataday Founding member
I like the refresh - glad they've finally done something more dynamic with the logo rather than a flat, block coloured shape. The only slight niggle is the different types of wipes being used. They are going into some breaks with the new wipes, others with a wipe in the shape of the logo and the titles start with the wipe out of the dot in the itv logo.
The 'gallery' behind laura still has the pulse gmb logo...
This is actually great - I love everything about it. I see the CNN flipper has found a new home.
First of all, wonderful to see that this was not the big update half the regular posters in the GMB thread were expecting, and was yet again another change to the themetune, with new graphics as well this time. I think the opening fanfare on the new theme sounds a bit rubbish, but I like the theme as a whole - good to see a return to a more newsier version! Graphics are nice too, and tidier than the previous version, where there used to be a minuscule gap between the bottom of any straps and the ticker, which wasn't lined up the same way as the logo was - it's all very neat now which is good.

The theme makes the show sound much more pacy, but is it? I don't watch it so I can't check!
A nice update, and much needed as the previous graphics were looking a bit worse for wear.

Also a nice music update, although the opening fanfare is a little too synthetic now. The bed is very reminiscent of the GMA opening theme.

They just need to stick with it now and stop the endless tweaks we've seen over the last 2 years.
That zoom seems vaguely familiar..

Another update of GMB!

The Good Bits:

1. It's nice to have a refresh: It makes the programme a little more interesting to watch if they have semi-regular updates and stops the programme from becoming 'stale'.

2. The lower-thirds look more modern: The rounded lower-thirds were beginning to look slightly outdated, so the new square style does look better overall than it's predecessor.

The Bad Bits:

1. All very fast-paced and lots of 'swooshy' camera angles: The 'swooshy' style and fast camera movements might work better at other times of the day, but for a breakfast show it was all too quick in my opinion. While it's nice to see that they've made an effort on the opening sequence, I really wonder whether in a couple of months it reverts back to something more similar to what it was.

2. New Logo: To me, the logo is a real step back. Adding a gradient definitely didn't add anything and actually looked less good than the one it replaces.

3. Proportions: Some of the proportions of the lower thirds and during the title sequence could be slightly altered to improve the look, I thought they were perhaps slightly too thin.


As is very often the case with itv, it's nice to see them trying new things with GMB and although I'm not currently 100% sure of the changes, I'm sure that I will warm to them more over time!
Ben Shatliff and UBox gave kudos
I posted it in the old thread, but you can see where some of their inspiration came from, with both the percussive music and wipe styles:

The problem that Good Morning Britain has though is an editorial one here - the stylised animate on/off text that GMA employs so well works for three reasons - the video uses quick cuts, the text is super short (no more than four words), and the scripting hand-holds with the on-screen text in that they repeat at least part of the visual phrase in the voiceover.

I'm sure they will iron out the kinks eventually.....

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