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March 2017 onwards - Moving to TVC Studio 3 on 16th April 2018 (March 2017)

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I actually quite like the new look. The square graphics look great. The theme is nice and 'pacy'. The logo isn't brilliant though. I like the new ticker along the bottom, although it seems a bit all over the place. One minute it's a headline, then it's contact us, then it's the weather. The textured background is pretty tacky as well, it's been made to look like the white textured panels in the studio.

The pulsing rings are gone then. Everything squared off.
No more GMB Weather sting. ITV Weather instead.
I like it. Nice and pacey with great graphics.

The straight lines don't quite fit though with the curves of the GMB logo, but that's a minor point.
Looks good, essentially it's just distancing itself from the previous ITV on-air look and more towards ITV News. Glad they've tidied the different elements, so they at least look in unison and made the main strap wider for longer stories.
I like the change in theme, it has great pace, I do feel that the bumper and sting used into the local news could use a better mix of the edit though.

As others have said the graphics look neat and squared off. Having the clock and ticker (or is it now flipper) on the same row looks incredibly neat and how the original graphics were designed with the top of the logo the same height as the full caption with tag.

It looks like the in studio display bar now shows the date and contact details as seen before and after the titles in the video posted.

I quite like the tie in with the graphic background looking like the studio panels with subtle hints of colour.

From theme to graphics things have been fixed in a lovely way.
It's a shame the ticker in the studio no longer works with the new graphics and can only display contact details. Kid of makes it a bit redundant now... not that it really had much use before.
The only issue I have is that the titles sort of kills the pacey feel that the openers have built up. It's too similar to befote, and takes an age to fnish.

Well designed but not as fitting with the new look and feel.
Tease for Entertainment comes from the desk, lit pink. Same music theme for the tease. Coming up screen includes the GMB logo in reverse.
I was prepared to be really disappointed, but they have actually done a good job. I think the graphics are now the best they have been since launch. I also like the updated theme.
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That new coming up menu is a bit ugly. Not sure about the break transition either.

I'm glad they've dropped the tacky yellow/blue lighting. There's a warmer, more subtle orange coloured lighting in the sofa area now.
Problrm with the 7am opener, where the backgrounds for the 'Exclusive', 'Entertainment' tags fell off screen, leaving just the text.
Overall an improvement, the music is far better and sounds more like the 2014 theme.

I don't like the blinds look on the Entertainment section and the camera seems to slam on at the opener, however it is a welcome change aside.

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