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Central (West) Midlands Today
I have set a number of recording over the past couple of days, From that I can see its only the 1st Birdwatchers ident is being used in Scotland, Is this the case of the other areas? Has 2nd version flew away?

Bear with it, I've only caught it once on network so far (but obviously I'm not recording every junction - that would be too much)
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BBC ONE HD's local news slide has been updated - It adds Mountain Rescue, Wheelchair Rugby Team and Birdwatchers alongside Sea Swimmers. Exercise Class has been removed from the slide.

Airing as of time of writing.
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Exercise Class has been removed from the slide.

Thank god for that. It's supposed to be a semi-relaxing in-the-background thing, which having that woman shouting "Ay! Ay-eh! Weh un!" every 30 seconds didn't achieve.

Yeah, but if regional accents annoy you, the new short compilation still has them. The Wheelchair Rugby version they use is the one where one of the blokes says something like "ey, boyo" in a Welsh accent. Not that it bothers me, though.. BTW, the guy on the left side of front-centre is Ade Edmondson, I swear!