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Huge changes planned - BGT-style scheduling (March 2017)

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Whataday Founding member
X Factor to 'scrap live shows' until final week as producers give format the BGT treatment

X Factor bosses want to "shake up" the format - by scrapping so many live shows, just like BGT.

Bosses of the popular ITV singing competition - headed by music mogul Simon Cowell - are reportedly looking to make big changes to the way the show is formatted, as they are thinking of emulating the success of sister show 'Britain's Got Talent' (BGT) by having a whole week of live finals.

An insider told The Daily Record: "The X Factor executives feel it needs a shake-up with big changes to the format. They have been discussing having just a few weeks of live shows - so people get to know the singers - and then one big finals week. They think viewers would prefer one week of great TV, with star performers. BGT is a huge success, so they could take inspiration from worse places."

"If the show did decide to copy the format of 'Britain's Got Talent' - which was also created by 57-year-old Simon - the insider believes it would greatly help the judges, especially Sharon Osbourne who last year found herself constantly flying between her home in Los Angeles and the filming location in London.

The source continued: "If the live shows were focused on one week it would be easier to fit into schedules for the judges. Sharon had to commute from the States every week for months. Cutting down the live shows is just one of a series of scheduling options, but the move wouldn't affect the total number of hours of the series."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the ' X Factor ' said "no decisions" have yet been made about the new series - which will hit screens in the autumn - as talks are still "ongoing".

They told the publication: "No decisions have been made about the new series. Discussions are ongoing and details will be announced in due course."

Interesting proposal, and one that has been discussed previously on here before.

However The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent are quite different shows in terms of structure. I'm not sure it would work as well for TXF, particularly at that time of year.

The last time they stripped The X Factor was when they did Battle of the Stars and I think it ended up feeling very rushed and throwaway.
If they did the Six Chair Challenge live across the week it might make sense but not so sure The X Factor. However if costs have to be cut it's an easy way to do it - guess they could do 9 shows across 9 nights and probably quietly drop Wembley for the final in the process.

Any change to the live shows though has to see a change in content - the dated themes really need to go.
Hatton Cross
Or has someone worked out that it's going to cost more money moving from a 10 week struck set, with in-house technical facilities and staff that know every cable tie location in the main studio -
to a rented out rehearsal space box, with only a professional lighting grid, and the need to bring in, fire up, and crew a couple of HD OBU's for 2 days per week, every week for 10 weeks?

That may be another reason for this 'week long stripped' idea.
UBox, Whataday and Brekkie gave kudos
I suppose the programme could launch a few weeks later though that would take away the head start and plant them in at the same time as Strictly returns.

I've always wondered why they don't extend the auditions as imo they are the most interesting part, they'll have the clips there to use and extend it by a few episodes. And because I'm a stickler for good continuity I'd love to see them say "tonight we're in london" and stay in that location rather than changing half way through an episode only for the original location to pop up again a few weeks later. Anyway, that's my personal preference.

I do think Hatton Cross has hit the nail on the head with the move to a new location. Wouldnit he feasible to expect each contestant to learn a new song and dance routine over night? Or would they have weeks of rehearsals to learn 9/10 songs and routines?
Newsroom24 and Whataday gave kudos
I don't think they could milk the auditions much more, though do think they've been cut from 8 to 6 episodes in the last couple of years. I agree with Hatton Cross that the change in location is a factor, and it would not be that unreasonable to have the acts learn their collection of songs in advance - they're usually rehearsing a week or so ahead anyway, and I think last year most had their songs pre-prepared for the "random" theme each week.

There is one thing though which might make this unlikely - I'm a Celeb. That usually ends on the semi-final weekend of The X Factor, so although they could follow it up immediately with a week of live X Factor shows that does seem unlikely, unless of course I'm a Celeb is bought forward, or X Factor finishes up before I'm a Celeb begins. I'm a Celeb usually finds itself squeezed into the schedules on Saturday night despite rating far higher so taking out The X Factor for the 4 weeks it's on and airing I'm a Celeb from say 8.30-10pm wouldn't leave too big a hole in the schedules.

As usual I suspect there is some half truths in this - wouldn't be surprised if rather than stripped across a week it's 8 live shows over 4 weekends, with the Sunday result show replaced with a full performance show. With a week of judges houses, perhaps two weekends of the Six Chair Challenge and potentially a further week of Boot Camp and then 4 weeks of auditions that could give them 12 weeks of shows, so on a par with Strictly, but obviously down from around the 16 weeks they have currently.
Andrew Founding member
Reason why they don't stay in the same town for a whole episode will be to mix and match the good and bad and tell a good story. If the Birmingham auditions resulted in nobody particularly good or particularly bad you'd end up with a very poor episode.
Reason why they don't stay in the same town for a whole episode will be to mix and match the good and bad and tell a good story. If the Birmingham auditions resulted in nobody particularly good or particularly bad you'd end up with a very poor episode.

Indeed, I remember back when they split the episodes up by city and there was an especially boring Dublin episode where there just wasn't anything special there, the judges even commented on it but there was nothing they could do about it because of the way each episode was formatted.
Shaun Linden
I think the idea of it sounds good but in reality the way the show is produced it just wouldn't work.
Larry the Loafer
Not that I watch the show but I did always wonder why it took four hours every weekend to eliminate one contestant.
Not that I watch the show but I did always wonder why it took four hours every weekend to eliminate one contestant.

I've always wondered the same.
Hatton Cross
I'm guessing it's not the 4 hours in the studio it takes, but the combined half an hour over the 4 hours, which isn't from the studio, maybe your answer... Wink the endless verbal and graphical plugs to get you phone and vote at 12p for us and your standard network charge, blah, blah, ect, ect..
Worth noting The Voice are managing to do it all in 2 hours this week for 12 contestants and the result. If it did go nightly TXF would have to manage that too in order to fit the soaps in.

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