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UTV Newsline
BBC1 Wales airs Cow, leading into episode 2 of 'Wales in the Nineties':


Looks like a recreation - and a pretty good one - rather than a recording of the real thing. The shading of the '1' isn't quite right. And the colouring of the globe is a little off - for example, the lighter blue colouring towards the edges of the globe, was not a feature of the original.

Mike, you may want to check back on the light blue edges... https://tvr.metropol247.co.uk/thetvroom.com/bbc-uk/bbc-1-20-01.html

Haha. In fact, yes, there does seem to be an element of that in the original. Though it seems much more apparent in this latest BBC One Wales example. Perhaps the benefit of HD. I recorded that programme this evening also - I'll have a proper look at this later. The '1' definitely looks odd though - darker than it should be.

EDIT: just played back the recording. Looks awful on an HD TV - so it could well be the original.
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I can't be sure about this there might be NEW ident Birdwatchers (2 versions), this information appeared on wiki page, BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING... there got Forest right so keep an eye out.

New ident? I'm hoping to see some improvement in production values, but the cynic in me feels that it could end up like the previous five that have been aired.
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