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Does anyone with lots of stats (I looking towards Steve Williams' direction!) know when the last time, if any Huddersfield Town was shown on terrestrial TV?

Just over 4 years ago - 2013, remember it - ITV vs Wigan
DVB Cornwall
Well ....

Saturday 11 March
Middlesbrough v Huddersfield Town or Manchester City (12.15pm) – BT Sport 2
Arsenal v Lincoln City (5.30pm) – BT Sport 2
Sunday 12 March
Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall (2pm) – BBC One
Monday 13 March
Chelsea v Manchester United (7.45pm) – BBC One
DVB Cornwall has flagged it up in the BT Sport thread but thought it worth highlighting here as others may be interested - the ESPN documentary 'OJ: Made In America' is on iPlayer for the next 28 days. Having watched it last year I can thoroughly recommend it. Its long (almost 8 hours) but compelling and brilliantly told. Well worth your time.
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In Super League, the Wigan v Widnes game was due to be live on Sky Sports tonight. However, yesterday, the game got called off. This has meant that Sky is now showing the Warrington v Castleford game tonight.

But now, Widnes will host Wigan tonight instead, with the rescheduled match at Wigan being played on the date of the game that the match at Widnes should've been played in, which is June I believe.
James Vertigan Founding member
Just looking back at some old videos on YouTube and remembered that Grandstand always used to be introduced by a clock on BBC One. I believe this was the norm up until the introduction of the balloon idents in 1997. Can anyone tell me why?
The only thing I can think of James, and this is a pure guess, is that the programme was of such high importance, like the news. As a flagship programme, and the fact that it usually started at 12:15 prompt meant that it may have been the reason it was always introduced with a clock.
DVB Cornwall
Helped cue the programme, useful when the programme starting was live and remote so an OTA Clock was used, Discontinued when Digital delay made the clock erroneous to the end viewer. Many live programmes featured a clock too, not just News and Sport.
Andrew Founding member
Indeed, in the days of more formal presentation generally, a clock wasn't seen as formal as it was during the balloon era, when it later became associated with news only.
Indeed, in the days of more formal presentation generally, a clock wasn't seen as formal as it was during the balloon era, when it later became associated with news only.

And in the end only the 1, 6 and 10 news during the week and Sunday 10 had the clock.
rdd Founding member
Fox Sports Australia, never ones to miss a gimmick, had a "Fox Pulse" feature on the Super Rugby coverage - a heart monitor linked up to one of the coaches. Odd.
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WTA from Acapulco currently going out with no score graphics. Since it went on air at 22:00 it has been totally graphics free apart from an ESPN-style draw graphic at the start and another graphic that was quickly faded out. Catherine Whitaker providing world feed commentary on BT Sport and to other broadcasters, presumably from Stratford.

edit: WTA style score bug appeared 36 mins in. Suspect they had the wrong graphics to the world feed.
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Minor rights news. BT Sport confirmed to me on Twitter today that they won't be showing the V8 Supercars from Australia this year. Only Motors TV will show all races live this year, starting this Saturday with race one, the first leg of the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.

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