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Friday is probably better for the fans than a Monday night (though I doubt Sutton will have much trouble selling tickets), but for broadcasters the highest viewership is available on the Monday.
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Motors TV is off the EPG on Sky digital once again. I've also got it on the "other channels" function. Using that, it reads "There is a technical fault with this channel."

Someone mentioned the recent takeover of Motors TV by someone else, and that Motors TV was going to be changed to an on demand video service. It looks like this is the process started, or finished.
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Just my own opinion. In my part of the world, Friday night is rugby night and has been for a good decade or so.

For the vast majority of the country that isn't the case and - from a FTA broadcasters perspective - a Friday night game thats attractive to a 'general' audience would probably get higher viewing figures than on a Monday night.