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JKDerry2,458 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
It felt to me that they are not in Studio 2. The lighting on Mary looked different and the opening and closing shots felt as if they were crammed into a small studio. This might just be for technical work on the main studio. I don't watch ITV News much, but it just looked different to me tonight.
Brekkie33,999 posts since 4 Jan 2003
HTV Wales Wales Today
Alternative Facts creeping into TV Forum now then. Actually move over Sean Spicer, we've been trading in those for years.

Yes there are some changes in shots due to the switch to a solo anchor but that is it I believe. I don't think ITV even have the option of another studio now C5 has returned to ITN.
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JKDerry2,458 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
Hey I am only stating what I noticed. I did say I do not watch ITV News often, so any slight changes made would look significant to me. I usually watch Sky News or maybe the BBC now and again you see.

I don't care whether there is a change or not. ITV News set looks alright to me, better than their 2009-2013 look.
Macalolo1,899 posts since 24 Aug 2008
London London
Don't like the fact the majority of the EN is from one angle now - particularly when London, lunchtime and NAT bulletins all use both screens and sided of the studio.

Get they're trying to make the programme more distinct but it does feel very clostrophobic.

There's also no room for any nice JIB shots on the EN.
BroadcastWales223 posts since 29 Jun 2016
I'm guessing its just the director liking the close angles that make the studio appear smaller. We still see wider camera angles on NEWS at TEN. This look has lasted out well and doesn't appear dated, well i guess that's the magic of virtual reality Very Happy
DanielK3,481 posts since 1 Oct 2011
STV Central Reporting Scotland
Ranvir doing Sunday evening news, so guessing she will still be covering even with new role at GMB

I suppose the idea of "Good Morning Britain's Political Editor Ranvir Singh" doing the Sunday news sounds better than "relief presenter Ranvir Singh".

I seem to call that when John Stapleton moved from presenter to special correspondent, an insider said that ITV News had gone to the trouble of recording him a voiceover announcement.

Might seem like nothing, but then also, why would they record a GMTV/Daybreak personality an ITV News announcement? It must've went through somebody 's head at ITN, "John Stapleton could fill in one day..."