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Loving the shiny gold logo on the site!
JAS84 and rob gave kudos
Last six images on this page are broken: http://tvlive.org.uk/features/news-events/president-donald-trump/trump-inauguration-sky-news/

Two more broken images at the bottom of the ABC section, and an NBC image misplaced among the ABC ones, here: http://tvlive.org.uk/features/news-events/president-donald-trump/trump-inauguration-us-channels/

Hands up, I do know about that Wink Its not broken I just haven't gotten around to uploading the pic, dont worry that is on the cards today. There are also a few other pics like that just waiting to be dealt with aswell. Very Happy no26 will be dealt with shortly aswell.
Just when you dealing with alot of pres at one go its better to have coding in place to make it easier.
Some nice updates that may tickle your fancy over on TV Live.

* BBC English regions: http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/bbc/bbc-english-regions/idents/
* BBC Ni 2017 http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/bbc/bbc-northern-ireland/bbc-one-northern-ireland/bbc-one-ni-2017/
* Movies4men idents: http://tvlive.org.uk/tv-presentation/other/entertainment/movies4men/movies4men-2014/movies4men-idents-2014/
* News Flash: http://tvlive.org.uk/features/special-features/we-interrupt-this-programme/