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The current ITV logo/branding is very strong and will, I believe, be around for quite a while. I would not link the demise of the UTV brand with a refresh of ITV's corporate branding. The UTV brand will have been long gone by the time ITV takes the decision to update its corporate branding.

Really? Hmmm. You have a different idea of 'strong' to me. As far as I am concerned ITV's branding epitomises bland, corporate non-entity. Although BBC1 has taken boring to the next level in 2017.

Interesting because when it launched it was described as anything but corporate and bland. Many said it looked not serious enough and therefore it wouldn't fit when used on ITV News.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I disagree, and always have.
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They're quite different though. The BBC logo could be considered 'bland' in that it's plain and simple. You could argue the same for the McDonalds 'M'. The current ITV logo is joined up writing. It doesn't look too bad on the idents (albeit the idents are rather boring) but doesn't look that great when in small form, nor does it suit things like ITV News. It'll be around for a few years yet but I bet my bottom dollar the BBC blocks will still be there when it does go.
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