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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

"Watch this space" as BBC Creative respond to ident change request (December 2016)

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A former member
Its just stink this, the BBC clearly has some good people in the pres department who clearly know what to broadcast, but the higher management should be ashamed of them selfs.
The BBC are a laughing stock! They make a press announcement saying the Circles have been withdrawn and then show a Circles ident! Why not just get rid of the oneness idents, bring back circles and do a proper all out refresh in the Spring. Is there any other international major broadcaster who is inept with their presentation as the BBC?
Juicy Joe Founding member
Noticed the Death in Paradise trailer before Panorama: Terror in Tunisia.

How inappropriate was that??
How embarrassing that they've had to dig out an old ident. BBC One presentation has sunk so low.

Why couldn't they just air the Mountain Rescue ident? They surely could do versions without the "Oneness" tagline?
Video here (via iPlayer/low quality):

Is it the video that's low quality or the idea?

And awful they had to dig out an old ident to introduce Panorama.
Steve in Pudsey
Wales and Scotland using the long version of Capes, NI and network going for the edited one.

Definitely the right call not to use one of the new idents, this rebrand is nothing short of a shambles.
BBC am cry.
Charlie Gough
I must admit, I was very pleased to see a circle ident back on BBC One.

Can we just lose the whole 'oneness' thing now? If it were April, I wouldn't be shocked to hear it was all a big April Fools' Day prank!
Is it the video that's low quality or the idea?

Interpret it as you see fit Very Happy
Andrew Founding member
And people thought showing the Ballet ident when the Queen Mother died was as low as they'd sink.
Wicko posted:
BBC South just used the Swimmers ident for introducing a debate about the Southern Rail dispute.

and London too.

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