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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
A lot of idents over the years have been accused of being just a random bit of footage with a logo slapped on, but usually they have a musical score or a colour scheme, or the logo does something interacting with the footage.

This literally is just a bit of film with a logo slapped on.
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I hope this is just a temp job, BBC One needs a new logo and a complete rethink in how presentation works in a Netflix age. BBC America editing and VO style would work well. Obviously prime the PR department to fend of the DM as will cost over £1million.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
NI and Wales had the same, but please someone cap the Wales ident off the iPlayer if they can as the CA introduced them with the following:

"Mmm - no, I haven't got a clue either. I quite liked the balloons myself."
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?