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I found another video, apparently an ATV Christmas tape, which in the description says that the original C4 Racing theme (video embedded above) was also used in the final years of racing at ITV, replacing the one in that video. Could the reason C4 didn't use it in the montage be because ITV Racing is bringing it back? Do we know what theme they're using?
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For anyone interested here is a big 11 minute file from the last part of Channel 4 Racing, just before the final montage, with a reflection on the last 30 years of coverage…

https://we.tl/zcIrzmIOsB (MP4, 147 MB, 11:25)

can you also put up the final montage please, as I loved it and I am now following you on Twitter

Here it is with some continuity included at the end for good measure/context (also the last time that particular sting will ever be used)

https://we.tl/JMUIoHaoFF (MP4, 136 MB, 09:43)
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Here is the thing Ch4 racing is ITV racing it was just switched over to ch4 during the 80s

First, an ITV Sport production for Channel 4, then the three main providers of racing coverage formed 'three on four' to produce the coverage, then Channel 4 flung the production out to indie tender, and the former 'three on four' team won it, and formed 'Highflyer Productions.
Have to say, it was a rather 'if we must do something'' end to the sports coverage from IMG.

First, back in the studio all the talk of 'the last 30 years here on 4' appeared to be geared to the events IMG have shown us over the past 4 years. Then when the montage appeared, the only voice from 1983-2012 was around two minutes in and the imperious tones of Graham Goode - the only face was Alisdair Down in the background waiting to pounce on a winning trainer for an interview.

I know Highflyer bad mouthed IMG/Channel 4 after they lost the tender, and it appears this was IMG getting a jibe back at them at the death.

No credit roll, either.

I expected better from Channel 4 to say goodbye to the sport. The effort at the end of the show fell at the second. Good riddance.
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Just watching the last half hour now and god Nick Luck won't be missed. 28 great years of C4 Racing from ITV Sport, Three on Four and Highflyer Productions then four years which stripped away the charm of it from IMG.

Will be interesting to see how ITV handle it - it is the first time in a while a sport has effectively switched to a new broadcaster.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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If you want an idea of how to say farewell to a sport with some dignity, then the clip attached is an example.

I'm a great fan of Australian Supercars, which is a touring car category. In 1997, Ten took over the rights from Seven. But, during 2006, it was announced that Ten had lost the rights back to Seven. (The current rights holders are Foxtel and Ten). At the end of the last coverage on the initial Ten contract, in 2006, they said farewell, with this superb montage.

The music is Snow PAtrol - Chasing cars.
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I'm surprised this clip hasn't been mentioned. It's the close of ITV Racing from Boxing Day 1983 with what you would call the Channel 4 Racing theme being used. An educated guess would be that ITV used this theme for a short while before the Channel 4 switch.


Not the only time the famous Channel 4 theme appeared on ITV, the last live Horse Racing on ITV was the 1991 Derby. I believe Channel 4 covered this live but as the channel was not available to all in the UK it also had to be shown on ITV.

Also watched the end of Channel 4 Racing today and while it was a good montage it seemed to mostly revolve around the last 4 years even the chat in the studio with Nick Luck, Rishi Persad etc. even though the end of 32 years of coverage was mentioned.
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