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The Guardian are reporting that there's no televised fixture on Channel 4 on New Years Eve, the last Channel 4 meet will be on the 27th.

Two meetings back to back to bow out with. The King George meeting at Kempton on Boxing Day, Welsh Grand National at Chepstow on the 27th - which, ironically was the race meeting that ended BBC Horse Racing coverage.

No live racing on New Years Eve is odd though. You have 4 meetings around the place so would be something to cover.

Like the logo. Endless variations with the colours on the 'I' to represent the jockey silks. Suspect the break bumper after a major race, the colour will change to reflect the winning colours.
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Img changing the match day live premier league titles for the third time this season now it has mugshots of premier league players on a white background, they've also renamed it to matchday, it looks very bizarre now.

One of their content shows Fantasy Premier League is now available in the UK via the PL official app, a good way to see the bottom part of the studio that they also use for live coverage.
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The La Liga fixture schedulers have more to think about than the few hundred thousand viewers on Sky. This kick off time meant the game avoided clashing with Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City - all globally supported teams playing big fixtures this weekend. Other major European teams like Bayern Munich and Juventus are also playing at other times this weekend.

It was worth losing those Sky viewers because when La Liga uses the slots that are 6pm GMT or later they lose the massive Asian audience due to time difference.
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Agreed, but surely missing out of a live Barca - RM fixture was surely never imagined when Sky brokered the most recent deal. I've read the background, La Liga obviously looking after it's own interests, It just shows the diminished clout SS has currently.
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Saying this represents Sky's 'diminished clout' is overstating the situation.

Sky has as much influence as any overseas broadcaster has over a domestic league, the league will be as accommodating as possible but not when it's going to be detrimental to pretty much all other rights holders.
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Do Sky have the rights in Germany and Italy?

Of course Sky have no more influence over La Liga scheduling than Movistar+ have over the Premier League scheduling.
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