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If my memory serves me right Fearne filled in continuity with Tom over Christmas 2000 into 2001. Presumably when Stephen & Dannielle were doing Pantomime. She did a couple of other short stints during 2001 before David, Leah & Leigh were brought in.
As has been said she fronted Game show 'Pump it up' (series 2), craft show 'Fingertips' and during Half Toon Week a programme called 'Draw Your Own Toons' looking at the Disney animation studios.

She started to front a CBBC science programme called 'Eureka TV' alongside Kate Heavenor which was produced by 'fingertips' production company The Foundation.

She was drafted in to front CBBC One afternoons following the February 2002 relaunch alongside Ortis Deeley and also 'Smile' originally on the channel on Sunday mornings.

Enough about Fearne now.
It's amazing that Dick & Dom are still part of CBBC 20 years on. I don't remember much of them presenting together bar during school holidays around 97-98 before Dom disappeared to concentrate on his Magic programme and to front Jungle Run for CITV.

The first natural partnership I remember seeing was during the CBBC series 'Bring It On' where they took on what appeared to be work experience for various job roles.

Even on that show though they were regular Richard & Dominic. But somewhere between that and the CBBC relaunch of 2002 they became 'Dick & Dom'. Was this due to the bungalow being pitched around that time or just to try to make them a little edgier?
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What's interesting about Dick and Dom is that it hasn't been twenty years straight, this is effectively their third stint (and easily the longest). The first was 1996-2000 where they did continuity individually and together but weren't really a double act. Then, after both "leaving" CBBC, they then returned in 2001 with Bring It On, then again on continuity when the channel launched and of course Da Bungalow. What everyone forgets is that after this they again "left" CBBC and did some individual stuff, before returning on Radio 1 a year later. It wasn't until 2009 that their third CBBC era got underway with the Bungalow compilations and then a never-ending list of shows that unlike most of their earlier stuff could be repeated endlessly. And once again, continuity, on the odd occasion in the TVC Office during holidays and then again today in Salford.

It also marks a bit of a return to when presenters could do kids tv for a long long time rather than as became fashionable in the 90s, pensioning them off at 30 never to be seen again.
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I totally agree their continuity has been professional but filled with character.
Even down to the way in which they have been checking the monitors for the start of the link.

Not exactly surprising that they can still remember how to do something that they used to do day in day out is it? Turning to and from the camera is a standard technique to make the transition to and from vt look more natural and avoid you having to stand there awkwardly looking like a Muppet if you are cued late etc
Write that down in your copybook now.