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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West

Lo and behold, the Meridian West map finally acknowledges the parts of the region north of Oxford!

For far too long now, the city has been the most northerly place name labelled (and so near the top of the screen that northern Oxfordshire was barely even visible, irrespective of whether it was labelled or not). There were also never any place names or weather symbols placed north of the Oxford.

So if there was ever rain expected in Banbury but sunshine in Didcot, then viewers in Banbury would see a sun symbol below the "Oxford" label and be given no indication of their weather expectations.
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Granada North West Today
From a regional point of view it will be good to see what happens during the main news at 6PM and what other features it has to show.

The National one looks good although Manchester does not appear which is something the BBC received criticism for not does Leeds for that matter.

On the whole it does look a lot brighter than the previous graphics although I liked the old one as it showed Motorways and you could pinpoint exactly where you live on the map.

I do like the extra towns on the Granada map as it shows where Granada stretches to.

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UTV Newsline
Nice to see that they have included locations in RoI also and given them temperatures and not just covered NI.

I remember the BBC weather used to include RoI also then they stopped in the 90's and now just mention NI.