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Alastair, Mark, Tom & Julie unavailable???


My point is that it's only a Wednesday and school hols have just finished, with them all (excluding al) have a had there fair share of holidays during this time.

James Mates on the 6.30, yet Rageh doing NaT

Steve Scott should have been chosen over James Mates as cover.

And who are you to say what a "fair share" of holiday is? They might not even be on holiday, not that it matters!

You're entitled to express your opinion about a presenter, but to say one should have been chosen over the other is odd - who says the other was available? You don't know anything about the circumstances in which relief presenters are selected nor should you want/need to.

Perhaps just a reminder of this rule would be useful:

"Posts should not relate to presenter's personal life/privacy"
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UTV Newsline
I didn't know that Libby Wiener used to be a newsreader.

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ITV News will always have there long stint reporters/newsreaders, Al, Libby, Juliet Bremmer, Neil Connery, Sharon Thomas, Nina Nannar, Tim Ewart, Lawrence McGinty, , Faye Barker, Phillipa Tomson, Bill Neely ... there are many more, most of these have either read news on odd occasion or in Al's case, been a main presenter.

Most of us forget how long they been reporters at ITN.