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1996 Manchester Olympic Games Bid - IBC in Granada?

(September 2016)

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There was a story of somebody being surprised to see Murray Walker sitting in the middle of a darkened Pres A or B with a monitor and a mic doing an off tube commentary.

I attended a talk by Murray some years ago. He told a story that he and James Hunt were sat in a studio at TVC commentating on a GP in South Africa ( I think) It was raining at the event, and James Hunt commented on it, saying how bloody awful it looked, and thank god they weren't there !
He mentions that in his book too, basically for the 1985 race, the BBC declined South Africa TV's request to fly Murray and James out to the circuit (as they had done in previous years as they used the BBC's feed). Cue James going on a huge on-air rant about Apartheid, broadcast to not only BBC viewers, but South African ones too!

I saw a video recently where Hunt goes on a massive rant about a driver holding up the leaders, the man is sorely missed!
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Murray Walker:
“We were once covering the South African Grand Prix during the days of apartheid. All of a sudden, and for no particular reason, he launched into an attack on apartheid.

“It was nothing to do with the Grand Prix, nor would it do British-South African relations any good. Our producer pushed a piece of paper across saying: ‘Talk about the race!’

“And then James blurted out on air: ‘Thank God we’re not actually there!”
There was another instance where the communications link from Kyalami to TVC was incorrectly set up, leading to the signal travelling from South Africa to the UK, back again through Murray's earphones, then back to TVC! Take a listen here from 20:04 onwards:

At one point (around the 25 minute mark) you'll even hear another English-speaking commentator's voice bleeding through into the broadcast, along with Murray and James suddenly being replaced by a German!
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