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A few Premier League titbits.

Something called Soccer Saturday Prematch is coming up at 10am on Sky Sports News. Not sure what this involves and I presume they wouldn't stretch Stelling for an extra two hours. Maybe it's a once off for the first day of the season.

Sky Sports have updated their football smartphone app to increase the video content, including their new goals service. One of the videos is a "Saturday preview" which uses the new PL branding for transitions but otherwise the normal Sky graphics.
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Doesn't look like there is any truth to the whispers about ITV teaming up with Eurosport for the US Open tennis after it was dropped by Sky - provisional schedules for ITV channels are out for the week starting 27 August and there's no sign of it.

Shame but it was a rumour which didn't pick up any momentum. Guess the best we can hope for is they might have picked up the rights from next year but I doubt it.
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The new graphics from img are on 7e Fta today I might as well make the most of it whilst it lasts.

Wow it's simplified maybe too simplified I got to admit I preferred the old graphics and titles from David Lowe

Scoreboard very nice Very Happy the clock is sponsored by the way it unveils itself below the clock from time to time
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