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Central (West) Midlands Today
ITV London are simulcasting tonight with LBC Radio with a debate on the London Mayoral Elections next month.

They introduced it as being 60 minutes long but the EPG says it goes off air at 6.25 on ITV so I'm guessing it continues on LBC and online.

Nick Ferrari is co-presenting with Nina Hussain.

EDIT: Live feed:

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It seemed to work quite while. I'm glad they opted for a large venue rather than a tiny studio. The co-pro element with LBC also makes a lot of sense. ITV London has limited on-air time, but LBC was able to run with the themes right the way through the night and went heavy on the debate this morning on Nick Ferrari's breakfast show.
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Nick was bloody awful though. Constantly asking the audience to applaud anything they agreed with and even asking them to boo if they didn't! Nina wouldn't let them answer a lot of the time as well. It was like they were desperate for some sort of incredible, game-changing soundbite and they'd get it at any cost, even if it was at the expense of the viewer getting anything out of their answers.