I'm looking for some endboards... (June 2016)

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So, I was looking around, and I would really like an endboard. If you don't remember, let me remind you:

An endboard was a 10" by 8" glass slide that ITV, BBC, and (maybe) Channel 4 used.

And I can't find any on eBay or Amazon. Do any of you have any endboards or any idea on how to get them? If you have one and would like to send it in, please PM me and I'll give you my address. If you have any idea on how to get one, please respond.

(By the way, I live in California, so some of your methods might not work. Any endboard is appreciated, but ITV ones are high ranking on the list. Any region will do.)
Endboards in these circles are quite collectable and rare. Doubt anyone will just give you an endboard Sad
That's sad. Shame; this is the problem with being born too late; by the time you understand the Internet, all the endboards are gone. Sad

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