Thought this may be of interest to forumers as some classic TV gets an outing:

Angela Rippon presents 75: Not Out. As the UK prepares to go to the polls over membership of the EU, BBC Parliament looks back to 5 June 1975 when the British public was asked to vote on being part of the European Economic Community (EEC) in the country’s first ever nationwide referendum.

Legendary BBC newsreader Angela Rippon returns to the story she covered as a young journalist, presenting an evening of programmes from the BBC archives and sharing her memories of the political turmoil of a nation - and a government - divided.

The circumstances sound familiar: A Prime Minister promises to renegotiate the country's terms of European membership and then takes the choice to the people. He makes the unprecedented decision to allow members of his cabinet to campaign to leave, despite his government urging the public to vote yes. But the Prime Minster in question was Harold Wilson, and the year was 1975.

Viewers will be treated to key moments in the 1975 campaign including the tense Panorama head-to-head between Tony Benn and Roy Jenkins and the riotous Oxford Union debate between Barbara Castle, Ted Heath, Jeremy Thorpe and Peter Shore. Newly-crowned Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher pops up in her striking European flag jumper and to give her support to the ‘In’ campaign on Newsday. The night ends with a young David Dimbleby presenting his first national results programme, when 67 percent of British voters said ‘Yes’ to the UK's membership of the European Economic Community (EEC).

Join BBC Parliament on 5 June for 75: Not Out, a trip down memory lane, when no studio was too beige and no collar too large.

75: Not Out Schedule
19:05 The National Referendum Campaign ‘Out Into The World’ party political broadcast

19:15 Part I: Debate from the Oxford Union featuring Peter Shore & Jeremy Thorpe

20:05 ‘Britain In Europe’ party political broadcast with Jim Callaghan, Shirley Williams, David Steel, Willie Whitelaw and Roy Jenkins

20:15 The Rock and Roll Years 1975

20:45 Newsday: Angela Rippon reads the news, Michael Charlton interviews Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher

21:00 Panorama: David Dimbleby presents a head to head debate between Tony Benn and Roy Jenkins

21:50 Nationwide: Bernard Falk talks to ex-pat Brits living in Brussels

22:00 Part II: Debate from the Oxford Union featuring Barbara Castle and Ted Heath

23:00 News: Pro-marketeers celebrate victory and Tony Benn is graceful in defeat

23:05 Referendum results programme presented by David Dimbleby with David Butler

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