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Alistair Stewart or Tom Bradby should host the debates.

Why? Julie has proven herself to be a superb moderator.

I think Alistair or Tom would inject some life into a debate.

Alistair yes, but not Tom. I'm not a fan and he takes forever to get to the point; at which point youve forgotten what he said at the start of the sentence. I'm sure most people won't want the debate running on for hours.

It would be nice to see the debate finish then the News at Ten be presented from the same location with analysts and Julie or whoever does the debate presenting the show aswell.
I was talking about presenting style.
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The ridiculous Vote Leave complaints today just prove this is all about putting the country at risk due to internal Tory party politics.

I don't think that the Vote Leave complaint is particularly ridiculous - they are the official leave campaign and they should be able to decide who is on the debate not the broadcaster or anyone else. Boris Johnson is more popular than Cameron and has some appeal with non-Conservative voters yet Farage has little appeal with non-UKIP/Conservative voters - from their point of view they've been shafted.
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They are the two most prominent party leaders from each side. The riff raff get a chance two days later.

And it isn't a popularity contest - it's about the facts, something Brexit are yet to bring to the debate.
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