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Where those titles used in late 1994 aswell?
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There were no other titles in between (and the 93 ident was still used alongside the Eamonn and Anthea titles)

Just to make sure we singing off the same page, The Eamonn and Anthea titles did come in around September 1994? ( this would also be the time when Sunday best was dropped and Sunday programme come along)

Of course the music did not change but how long until the 93 ident was updated to no longer be 3D? after the titles come in?

In April 96 they were still using the old ident:

Of course the music never changed until Late summer 1996.
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I'm not sure when the Anthea/Eamonn titles came into use.

With regards to the ident with the navy background, in the promo at the start of this clip there is a very close likeness to the late 96 logo, suggesting it was in use.

However, GMTV was never really known for consistency when it came to introducing new graphics packages. Didn't the GMTV2 ident feature the new 2000 logo way before it was introduced?
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The Dark blue look was deffo in use during August 1996 The last day for Halfway Across The Galaxy And Turn Left was Thursday, 29 August. you can see the endcap.

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Darren Day Young Girl. 1994 single charting at #42 in the UK in October 1994

Here is a strange clip from Jan 96
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Regarding titles:
The original titles were in use from Janurary 1993 to September 1994.
The Anthea and Eamonn titles were in use from September 1994 to August 1996.
September 1996 to December 1999 the dark blue sun titles, but at the end of 1999 they added "2000" to mark the millenium.
January 2000: GMTV relaunched to the Newshour and GMTV today and also recomposed the theme tune.

Regarding the Set:
The original colourful set was in use from January 1993 to April 1993 but was unpopular with viewers.
In April 1993 GMTV relaunched to mimick TV-AM and had a new white set.
September 1994- Refreshed the set with new red and orange stripy sofa and recoloured the faux bricks.
1996- The sofa was changed to a brownish coloured sofa.
1997- New checkered patterned sofa which remained until 2000
1999- They changed the set to the one used until 2004 but kept the same sofa from the previous 1997 set.
August 2000- The checkered patterned sofa was replaced with a red sofa.
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January-April 1993
April 1993- September 1994 *
September 1994- 1996
1996- 1997
1997-2000: checkered sofa.
1999 new set
August 2000 new red sofa
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