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You're not a mod. The point is the moderators should say how and why the post broke whatever the rule was it broke.

If somebody tells you you're breaking the law, do you tell them "you're not a policeman"?

No, I would laugh it off and say I wasn't breaking the law because I didn't do anything to break it.
Why not PM the mods or send an message and ask them directly instead off listing of post etc. .

It should be up to the Mods to tell me in the same PM, it shouldn't be up to me to contact them to find out why.

Well if you want to find out why, then you should take the initiative and be proactive and PM the Mods to find out instead of whining on here....
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Is the "Updated Websites" feed working? It's just that The Ident Gallery and TV Live have been updated in the last 24 hours, and the updates don't appear to be showing.

Some of the scheduled tasks hadn't been moved over from the old hosts so when they screwed up last week it stopped working (same with the RSS feeds). A good reminder for me to actually move them over...
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