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08tom648 posts since 24 Nov 2007
As more kids are online and the App that seems right. Saves money. Also if red button axed then it would have no place.

A CBBC extra type of thing as the down time loop from 9pm-7am? Would the trust accept that as a useful use of the time?

Also Shout out Saturday is ending this Saturday.
JetixFann450607 posts since 25 Mar 2013
STV Central Reporting Scotland
I use FilmOnTV to see the BBC holding caption (since the IPlayer doesn't seem to allow it) and something intresting, FilmOnTV still has the 2007-2016 logo. Not really big deal but just something there.

Try using, more legit: https://tvplayer.com/

Oh. Yeah, the FilmOnTV doesn't seem to load when CBBC shuts down...

EDIT: I hate this. It always buffers on the credits of CBBC's last programme! Thumbs down
Do you even read these?
rdd3,400 posts since 21 Jun 2001
Zattoo Switzerland still uses the old CBBC logo and for the Channel 5 channels.

That's nothing, Virgin Media in Ireland still thinks the BBC News Channel is called BBC News 24 (though the Horizon platform does use the correct logo at least).