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Confirmed that the Speaker has used his powers to block the third vote on the deal if it remains to be ‘substantially the same’.

Therefore who know what we’ll be getting tomorrow now.

Theresa Mays resignation maybe?
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There is always one of us pesky TV Forumers around, even at 04:56 on Monday morning, to catch such slip-ups as this random piece of Ben Bland getting ready for The Briefing. Very Happy

It was followed by a 3 minute numeral-free countdown loop, which I haven't bothered saving.

Alain caught this, this morning.

Looking at Ben's reaction it appears he noticed that the studio was live on one of the monitors
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To be fair, you can tell the canned applause on the regular episodes too, especially as it was always the same recording over and over. They changed the recording every few years, but you still got familiar with it very quickly. The mid-80s episodes it's very obvious as it begins with a whoop and has someone whistling a few seconds in, and it's played several times every edition.