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Apologies if it has already been discussed, does anyone know whats happened to the third series of Saturday Mash Up, I heard that it got pushed back from the Autumn to the New Year but haven't heard anything since. I know the two main presenters have moved on.

Edit: I've just read page 66 of this thread, I guess we don't know any more as of yet then.
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thegeek5,198 posts since 1 Jan 2002
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A lovely clean start of BBC Breakfast Time video from ...

I rembember it well, in my student bedsit, pitch bloody dark outside, and frozen condensation on the inside of my window

I *think* the sun would be rising though Tower Bridge at that sort of angle from a vantage point near the Tower of London in the depths of winter, but not until gone 8am. (I'm sure someone with enough time on their hands could work out roughly what day of the year they'd have shot that).
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I've not heard that they won't be continuing with a new series of The Crystal Maze. With the USA series, a recent new zone and the money coming in from the USA, I thought there would be ample scope to continue. I cannot see a situation where the US series would continue but not the British one considering the set is based in this country. The ratings have not set Channel 4 alight but there is a loyal fan base who watch. I do continue to hope that they will show the 3 unaired editions, I wonder why they were not shown originally, was it because Series 1 was too long or that they were not exciting enough? It seems strange.

I hope The Crystal Maze continues for many more years to come!! Either tweaked or with a new Maze Master or as it is!! It deserves to stay!
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I appreciate those who keep it up to date but some of those entries are stretching the reason for the calendar a bit.

Throwing it out there - do people actually look at it? Or the ticker at the top of the homepage (including updated pres sites)? I'm wondering whether it's a feature worth keeping for any future redesign.

I don't know how many people actually read the words in the ticker for pres sites as for several months at one point I was quietly sending through dedicated pseudo-haikus in the update text for TV Whirl and not one person ever noted it or asked about it. Razz However the inbound traffic stats show people do click on the ticker link.
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