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This isn't a phenomenon unique to the UK, I've seen Spanish TV running tickers explaining that they are showing a repeat due to the virus, although framing it as an apology for the lack of new content I suspect it's more likely there to head off complaints about people breaking the lockdown and not social distancing.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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My eyes rolled so hard reading this I almost detached my retinas.

Talking about wanting to retain a perception of localness as if it's even going to be a discussion in these circumstances.

They're not going to be kitting Julian and Gillian's homes out with voiceover equipment and giving any additional training required at this time. The idea this would be considered anywhere near essential is absolutely ridiculous.

It's as essential now as it ever was.... which is not at all and ever has been

My point was that it makes no real difference to the Covid-19 issues except having a couple of people turn up to record a few links a week. And it doesn't take much equipment or training to do from home, hundreds of radio presenters and journalists have done just that at short notice over the last few weeks

It's another one of those changes that they've been wanting to do for ages and is politically a bit awkward and now they have the excuse to. See also: pan regional news, shared bulletins on BBC radio etc
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No Piers as far as I’ve seen (from 6:30) so far, it’s Ben & Susannah in the studio sat at the computers on each end of the main desk.
Hilary is still at the weather desk with a split screen shot used of the three of them rather than a wide shot, so all presenters at looking at the camera rather than each other.

There’s something reminiscent of early GMB with news stories being introduced by just one presenter, it’s working very well too.
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I’ve noticed back half hours on World News (such as the second half hour of BBC World News America) and during the mornings at 6AM BST when there’s would be a business report. Guess they’re really cutting back.

In a very deep voice: “ CNN”.

Crap. This is what happens when you have multiple tabs open.

No worries, Ryan. We knew what you meant anyway.
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Super sad to see her go, loved having the old BBC World "golden-days" team on AJE. Any ideas where we might see Martine in the near future? The BBC would be lucky to have her back, but with the cuts and all...

Some well-earned family time! After 32 years of broadcasting the world news day and night, I guess Martine’s decided that a little break would be nice.

I’ll miss her too.
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JamesWorldNews8,826 posts since 22 Aug 2004
STV Central BBC World News
Aaron Heslehurst to return from next Monday with the business news, albeit he’ll be broadcasting from home. The catwalk is under construction as we speak:

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