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It seems we have a pro-RTE lackie on here. Good defence you made.

You expect me to take you seriously when you can't even spell lackey correctly?

Also, I'm not a servant of RTE, I don't work for them, I just appreciate the problems they have. I'd love to see them do better, mostly on their other programming which is weak compared to their news output, but I know these things cost money and they don't have the spare cashflow right now. If you want to moan, go over to Digital Spy and moan over there. You'll get a more receptive and stupider audience.
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They're getting through a number of guest panellists, not sure if they're looking to shake up the line up or if it's just a case of them mixing it up while a few ladies take some time off (Colleen hasn't been on the show since appearing in Panto)

Anna Richardson was in seat 2 today, I would be interested to see her anchor to be honest, think she'd be up to it and make it a bit of a different show. However, I don't think she's presented much Live TV?
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If you refuse to listen to what people have said why should anyone listen to you? I takes two to tango.

UTV - ITS claimed most are on TVARK but since it offline I can't confirm which ones. Some are on TV-Live ie. Missing video

You can clearly see there on there on TV ark archive page. : The only one that MIGHT not be there is Davina McCall ident (Version 2) but why claim everything else is lost?

Here two of the Carlton people idents

“Pantomime Cow” and Medical Team at Hammersmith Hospital, in the video, yet you claim there still missing.

* Unknown sting (as seen on sub-TV) like that one:

IT's been said more than once that is prototype IE never created.

* Halloween Night idents

You can see the videos for all three have been postage on PAGE 41.....

etc etc

How can anyone believe what you posting is correct if your throwing in incorrect details? This thread was to take stock of what has disappeared not a needs thread. Its also helped created discussions about missing pres which it has done but if you refuse to listen and you clog up the thread with list that out of whack how is that helpful, how can anyone on the forum know everything your highlighting is missing? Or are you always throwing stuff in because you can't get personnel copies? I think you got the hump with me over on the other thread " correct dates" after i highlight your gusse were wrong especial YTV, LWT, ete

If HAR10110289, start listening to people on this thread, and take note of what been found etc Im sure we can move forward all singing off the same hym sheet. That well included some of the other stuff you have postage... IE if you yes I will over merge both list properly.... ( after checking stuff out over the weekend.)
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