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The BBC website's listing the 25/2/88 edition being skipped over, is there now a problem with Mark Goodier as well? I can't see why his episodes would be skipped, he's not had any scandal attatched to him, he's still active, still works for the BBC on occasion, allowed UK Gold to show his episodes back in the 90s.
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I'm sure I remember reading somewhere calling it TX is a BBC-ism, the rest of the industry used TC (for tele-cine), but with them being in Television Centre, in studios labelled TC they had to find another initialism.

Yes but they chose TK.

TX is a universal term for transmission not just the BBC.

RX is reception (or a chemist!)

DX is distant reception

I presume the "TX A/B/C/D" feeds seen on the monitor stack in the studios at NBH are the server channels, named as such for historical reasons?

Probably more to distinguish them from record ports. I've seen that naming convention elsewhere.
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Has he actually directly denied getting Amanda dropped from the Autumn cover? She said this well before her Heart gig was announced.

It's clear to see from casually watching over the years he wants a sidekick on This Morning not a co presenter.

The irony is that there is a chance that Holly will unsurp Phil and he'll be relegated to sidekick.

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I've worked with a few people like Morris. He seems the sort that will eff and blind at you during a job then have a joke about it immediately afterwards.

Jim Moir was always one for war metaphors when talking about light entertainment. It certainly sounds like a battle in every clip of Morris' producing I've seen.
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Breaking News: As BBC Weather is graced with the implementation of the corporations' smoking hot new typeface Reith, the UK and Western Europe are faced with an extreme heatwave.

Coincidence? I think not...

Does this mean that as soon as Reith is implemented on BBC News, Trump will be impeached, the world climate crisis will be solved and... we’ll FINALLY leave the EU!? 😂
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