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C4 running Ronseal ads this evening in the break bumper style with wooden blocks.

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Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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Rumors are rife about the formation even more leftwing "news" source formed outta the ashes of FOX NEWS. Ugh. Alies resurfaces?

Another Conservative talk network (I refuse to use the term News in this situation as there is really no such thing as Conservative News) will just spread the remaining audience more thinly.

Alongside Fox News Channel, you already have One America News Network, which was the original home of Tomi Lahren before The Blaze snapped her up; The Blaze and NewsMax TV, not to mention Fox's Business Network. How there is going to be room for another Conservative talk channel in an already crowded marketplace with most channels struggling to gain traction, is something I can't fathom.
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Just a thought. When the UK leaves the EU what will this mean for competition rules. WIll Sky and the Premier League have free reign to crack down on pubs showing 3pm KO. What will this mean for private viewers?
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Dare I say pilots for a full west opt?

I doubt it.

I'm sure that when they've dabbled with periods of full split in the past, it also coincided with elections (and/or other major local government-related news, such as sweeping cuts). Makes sense really, to ensure decent detailed coverage for the many constituencies/areas/councils that there must be in such a vast pan-region. That, and the occasional ad-hoc/one-off full split for other kinds of major news story in either/both sub-region(s).

I doubt that the inclination or budget exists for a routinely fully split main 6:30pm programme. And certainly not for any bulletins outside of weekday evenings.
I am the one viewer of ITV West News.