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JamesLaverty1925113 posts since 28 Feb 2017
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Just rewatching Gavin and Stacey Series 2 and it has the episode where Mick's interviewed on the news. Noticed a lot of differences with the norm.

First of all, the bulletins is introduced with the Hippos ident! OK it was probably the most famous ident from the era, but I highly doubt it ever introduced a news bulletin.

The bulletin starts with George Alagiah stating "Good Evening and Welcome to the Six O'Clock News", before the headlines, the opposite way round.

Tbf, the episode aired only a couple of weeks before the relaunch that saw the bulletins renamed "News at Six etc" the rebranding of News 24 as the News Channel, and the new studio. Could it have been so the bulletin didn't seem dated so soon by making it non generic of a certain era?
Martin946 posts since 23 Mar 2001
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That is taken from the BBC News digi video templates, which have had Reith for a number of months now.

I'm guessing the pack must have been edited on location in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro - so wouldn't have needed anyone at NBH to add graphics in.
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VMPhil9,495 posts since 31 Mar 2005
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For those who haven’t been watching The Grand Tour, the final episode of the latest series ended with Clarkson tearing up over the end of the traditional weekly studio-based format, but with promises that the team still like Amazon and will continue making programmes for them. But I think it’s clear that the show hasn’t been the success it was hoped it would be at the start.

I agree with Inspector Sands, tonight’s Top Gear was surprisingly enjoyable given the fears when the new hosts were announced. Early days but there was already an immediate chemistry between the three, much more so than the last trio (in the last series there seemed to be much fewer bits featuring all three of them, instead it was usually Harris and Le Blanc).

One thing I didn’t like was Chris Harris complaining of dehydration and heatstroke and still having to wear that jumper. Even if Harris was just playing it up for the show I still didn’t find it entertaining, it was just uncomfortable.
rdd3,295 posts since 21 Jun 2001
I think with this line up they'll go back to two series a year - Matt Le Blanc's availabilty affected the previous one, although apparently the last series finished filming in April 2018 but only aired earlier this year.

I wondered why Series 27 was airing only three months after Series 26 finished.

Worth nothing that Prime Video’s take up would be a lot, lot, less in territories where Amazon doesn’t offer the “full” Prime service - Prime Video only launched in Ireland when The Grand Tour launched and initially its catalogue was rubbish, practically only Prime Originals. There’s a bit more on it these days but still not as much as the UK (contrast with Netflix where the UK and Irish services are practically identical). The point being that outside Amazon’s core territories, Top Gear probably still gets more attention than the Grand Tour.
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Who is the host broadcaster of Queens this year? Think previously it was Eurosport but doesn't look like they're showing it this year so is it Amazon, who have the ATP 500 rights. If so will the BBC be able to show any doubles - aren't they usually restricted to the singles as secnondary rights holders?
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