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Meridian (South) South Today
Magic TV is currently airing "Every No.1 of the Noughties" but the years are all screwy and going backwards. It for example thinks that Eminem Without me came out in 1996 (was actually 2002), Will Young's Light my Fire in 1995 (also 2002) and Eminem Lose Yourself in 1981... YES 1981!! (2002). Not sure what's going on there then!
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I am living in an area that is on the border of both BBC and ITV regional outputs, Namely BBC Midlands and BBC Points west, ITV Central and ITV West, The area is served on free view by BBC Midlands and ITV Central, but are regional stories land on ITV West and BBC Points west, I understand that this is due to the signals from transmitters at ridge hill broadcasting Midlands Today and ITV Central and Mendip Transmitter broadcasting, ITV West and BBC Points west, with the technology and high speed internet is there not a way to stream and broadcast a low frequency extra BBC one slot, not saying HD so we can actually get our regional news. As a public broadcasting service I would have thought this would of been explored before now.