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I've just given this a whirl and I really don't like it. It's a bit chaotic and unpolished. The reflections in the glass are quite distracting; seeing various people sat there squirming, fidgeting and drinking while they're not on camera isn't great. Something just doesn't work for me. I tolerated it for a while before ultimately switching it off.

I'm sure a load of you will jump in and say I'm missing the point and that's what it's all about. I get that, but it's not my cup of tea. I would prefer something actually made for television with proper production standards. Putting the radio on television seems wrong somehow. Almost like I'm spying on them and shouldn't really be there.

I can say nothing but ditto. It’s a fantastic podcast - sticking cameras on it doesn’t make it good TV.
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It Takes Two is airing on BBC1 for its first two weeks at 5.15pm before returning to BBC2, presumably as a result of the World Athletics Championships likely airing on BBC2.

Somebody scheduling at the BBC has really failed to grasp what makes Pointless (and before that the weakest link) so successful in that slot.
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Meridian (South) South Today If this is any interest to you. Some rumours are (well, from people on a few Discord servers of mine) that this could be a new ident package... 🤔

As he says #titles, more likely a title sequence for a new programme.

Yeah, seems like it's got something to do with Lewis Capaldi...

Don't get most of your hopes up though, anything red and relating to BBC might not be what it seems.

Would that really warrant the "something exciting" comments?
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I've often said I much prefer the natural banter between Eammon and Ruth as opposed to Phil and Holly's endless "we're such good friends" thing.

Eamonn seems to rub some viewers up the wrong way due to the way he treats Ruth on air, but I'm guessing those viewers have never been married.

Eamonn's a great broadcaster - I'd recommend his autobiography and also recently he took part in Kate Thornton's White Wine Question Time which was an absolute delight.
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More than ten years ago, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky's websites were treated like a proper websites. Now it seems to reduced to just a blogs and/or on demand services.
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