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In time gone by, plenty of regional TV programmes have been caught out by VT rewinding on air or failing in such a way that it gave the game away that their as-live wasn't. These days, post-Leveson, they tend to be much more up front about pre-recorded contributions not being live.

Didn't the Little Ant and Dec portion of Saturday Night Takeaway (whenever it appears) go out pre-recorded because of something to do with kids not being allowed in the studio after a certain time?

Not aware of it being applied on SNT in that regard apart from the obvious Little Ant & Dec recorded inserts back in the days of the original Little Ant & Dec idea and idea behind it. Anyway SNT's off the air by 8:30 most sessions so it doesn't really apply. These days though the current Little Ant & Dec appear more as stragglers, cosmetic dressings, asides and odd-job-men. That being said It seems as if since they dropped the original Little Ant & Dec interview idea they don't quite know what to do with the characters.

You may also be thinking of BGT, or more specifically BGMT where Stephen Mulhurn does a quick interview with a child act after coming off the stage and if they go onto win that night that interview gets played out as part of BGMT - it's always been signposted that these were "recorded earlier" if it wasn't already obvious from the location and the background noise as the cut-off was 10pm and BGMT goes out after that.
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With the exception of North Wales, Made have sensibly got a selection of licences in major metropolitan cities which have a viable population for them to market to advertisers.

When you actually look at the details, the Clywd (North Wales) licence makes perfect sense. The station is effectively a sub-region of Liverpool and run from there (only 20 miles away). The 30 minutes of Welsh programming per week required for the North Wales licence is made at Made in Cardiff and produced/narrated by their Welsh speaking station manager Daniel Glyn. A Welsh language programme sits nicely on the Cardiff schedules too, politically if nothing else.

The resourcefulness of the whole Made operation is what I admire most and the above is a shining example of that.
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Well the BBC will have a millstone around its neck keeping the DRM licence servers (to let people continue to watch content they've bought) running for a service no longer generating any revenue won't they?

Either that or they'll have to refund or offer DRM-free or differently DRM-ed replacements?

Looks like they're going for the refund option, with a new refunds website

I've been offered a normal refund or a slightly higher Amazon Video voucher.
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Seems as though Eammon Holmes is returning next week, the Radio Times listing for Tuesday has this;
Hanson talk about celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new world tour. Presented by Eamonn Holmes, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher.

Indeed he is:

Fantastic news! And it seems that this time he is presenting with Charlotte for a change. Very Happy
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You do not get anywhere in this life by sitting on your ass doing nothing. It does no harm in emailing and seeing what comes of it. I have had plenty of replies from production companies over the years when I have asked for details. So, if you don't ask, you don't get. No harm done.

I once wanted to find out something from 2entertain (part of BBC Worldwide I think it is now). The office never replied, in the end I emailed the man at the top, can't remember his name, he replied straight away and told his team to reply to me. I was shocked to get a response. I had the detailed info the next day.
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