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Here's an odd on-air experiment from 1977; during the 8 p.m. news, to illustrate the importance of energy conservation, TF1's anchor instructed households across France to turn off unnecessary lights and then showed the drop in the power grid demand:

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A few more grabs of the BBC Scotland Channel output. I'm not actually watching it though - Scotland is one EU electoral region, so the discussion is somewhat boring and dry.

Looks good but does seem unnecessary duplication and surely the Nine is more like C4 News - be there tomorrow to provide the analysis and leave the rolling coverage to someone else.

Also I might be wrong but I'm sure info I saw earlier said Scotland don't count until tomorrow morning anyway.
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I can only assume that the whole look will need changing if they're going to go for these graphics. The black astons don't suit when the titles and the look are all white.

The way it pops up is quite nice. But the Midlands Today logo is horrific. Reith just does not look good like that for a main logo at all.

Did anyone capture the video of this? Would be nice to look at how they animate again as it looks like we'll be getting this across all BBC News a week tomorrow.

I have a video that I used to create the GIF a few pages back.
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JRM's sister appeared on RTÉ using the BBC footage from Huw in Studio B.

About the RTÉ coverage tonight; it began at 10pm tonight & will finish at 1:10am.

Bryan Dobson is in Studio 3, Miriam O'Callaghan is in the RDS & David McCullough is in the RTÉ Election Centre.

It’s been an odd one for the Euros, only Dublin has and will have any counts declared tonight, one of the others (Midlands NW) has already adjourned for the evening and the other, South, is the one with the marathon 23 candidate ballot paper that is proving a nightmare for the count staff and won’t have a first count till 1pm tomorrow.

I’m sticking mostly with the BBC.
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Got one full screen graphic, that seemed to think the SNP didn't exist, but after that we've seen nothing. They've gone to Lewis Goodall to show results but in reality he is standing in front of the big screen with 2014 result like he has been all night, every time they go to him.

Did they save a few quid by not bothering with any graphics producer tonight? With the crappy bar at the top left and the non existent result graphics it is very disappointing. They already have a set that works well, why not use them tonight like for past EU/Local elections?

Sky have been really pathetic tonight, nobody at results either, BBC are far better. Feels like it's been done as cheaply as possible. Is this what the new Comcast ere has to show? Low budget coverage?
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I remember a fault happening whilst ITV4 was showing the Europa League highlights about 7/8 years ago?

I vividly remember this happening, I was watching one of the matches, one of the teams score and suddenly the audio cuts off, the picture was still being shown at this point, but the ITV4 logo (with some other blocky graphics to go with it) appeared on-screen!

The ITV4 graphic stayed on screen for about a minute before the audio comes back and the graphic disappears, the announcer didn't even apologise either!
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It's a shame they've added the light blue bars behind Adam now...the brightness is particularly harsh on the eyes at this time of night! Glad they're using this studio for yet another election though - it just goes to show neither studios in Sky Central carry the same weight as the old studio.

Yeah, I prefered the way the program started too, the darker background was far better for this time of the evening than the bright fest that we have at the moment behind Adam.

The studio, despite being very small in the flesh, is vastly better for a night like tonight, again having the analysis of Michael Thrasher just around the corner and everyone altogether behind Adam feels much better for a lively election night for a news channel.

Not sure who decided to put those bars up.

It wouldn't seem right having election coverage from anywhere but the old-style studio.
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Are Sky simply not bothering with graphics tonight on the results?

Aside from the strap at the bottom running in news mode and the counter in the top left, there is absolutely nothing. Adam is reading the results but none of them are being shown on screen.
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