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Jonathan Ross seems an odd choice knowing how the show ended up being like,but I can see that working. Remember what Jonathan Ross was like in 1988 - a young slick host who was soon to be trying to break into the mainstream. A fast moving quiz show with lots of contestants to talk to - I can kinda see what Williams had in mind.

One of his other producer roles was rescuing Chris Evans' game show Don't Forget Your Toothbrush. It went through several pilots and IIRC was postponed a few times as it just wasn't working. Then they brought in William G Stewart and it was a massive hit
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Interesting that the BBC reports that he always wanted Jonathan Ross to host Fifteen to One. And when he declined he took up the role himself as he couldn't find anyone else suitable. I didn't know this before.

I'm not sure how Jonathan Ross would have coped with such a straight rapid quiz format. I doubt the show would have lasted so long if he did host it.
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A new ident possibly for Riviera. It must be a recent enough addition, definitely post the Sky Atlantic VIP launch. Not as good as the original two idents but nice to see more variety. Even if these idents are retained with the addition of the new logo they won't look half as nice without the beveled 3D glass effect. A video is available on Sky Atlantic: 2016 Idents page from Presentation Archive.

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I heard he could be quite ruthless. Sacking a runner or someone of that ilk for making a simple mistake on the spot in Fifteen to One.

But then I guess most successful people have to be ruthless to some extent.

I was surprised he was very bitter about DOND and that he seemed to miss why the format worked, considering his past as a producer.

His last involmemt on screen of a game show was of course ill fated Saturday night Lottery show The People’s Quiz which in the finals was very similar to Fifteen to One, and saw a strong performance from one Mark Lebett.

I guess it’s tribute to him that Fifteen to One is back on our screens as he made the original such a staple.
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I'm waiting for episode 2628, as that's the episode aired the day I was born- in fact according to my birth certificate, and the start time of 19:15 Corriepedia says that episode had, I was born at 19:22- while the episode was on air!

Bet that was an inconvenience to your mother. Hope your recording it to make amends for her missing it.
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I'll try and explain step by step:

1. Install Sky Q as normal and connect to tv set

2. Unplug tv set and take it to the other side of the room leaving Sky q as server

3. Connect tv set to sky mini box and use sky mini box to record and playback using the mini as "master" and the sky Q as "slave"

The reason I'm doing this is there are far too many cables in my current setup and as a side note i'm also looking at repositioning my router

Many thanks Very Happy
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It went 3 times a week in October 1989 (first Friday episode was 2981 on 20/10/89 according to Corriepedia), so yes, they'll be into 1990 in less than a year, in fact it should only take 4/5th of a year, so just over 9 1/2 months, so could be into 1990 by next July, as long as it's still running nad there's been no breaks.

One interesting thing you'll notice is there's still lots of entirely studio-bound episodes in this era, sometimes you can go a week or two without seeing any actual location work. I remember when watching the G+ run noting even as late as 1990 you could get 2 or 3 episodes in a row where you'd never see the street. It must be a long time since there's been an entirely studio bound episode.

Another thing I remember from G+ was the Xmas episode from 1991, which was originally shown around the Queen's speech, with Alf getting up to turn it on, then turns the TV off after, their version had been re-edited (possibly the same edit sold internationally?) so there was a scene with Mike & Alma and an advert break between Alf turning the queen's speech it on and off.

I watched the G+ run quite religiously- I had a VHS tape that was repeatedly re-used to tape episodes of that and the UK Gold EastEnders run that I wasn't at home to watch live (pre-PVR and On Demand era!).
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