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Oneness on lockdown - new idents for BBC One

They'll just swap the one of tea being made (which BBC Scotland seems to love), for mugs of mulled wine. Minimum effort.
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BBC Cymru Wales New HQ

So it’ll probably be Nick or Jen from Broadcasting House tomorrow night, and the launch from Central Square at breakfast on Monday.
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ITV Hub: Trapped in an infinite loop of ads !

I haven't had the ad loop. What happens on mine, is that I'll watch a show til the last ad break, ad break will run fine, then when the show starts again, I'll see a split second of it, then get the three loading dots forever.

Then when I restart the app, I'll try and watch it again, and there's no resume option.

And the less said about their subtitle setup, the better...
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Family Fortunes is back

Johnr posted:
Five Minutes To A Fortune also had an EPIC theme tune! (Although weirdly from what I remember no audience or even canned audience)...Channel 4 killed it by deciding to chuck it out at 5pm head to head with the usual suspects which was never going to work

The first episode was aired straight after that year's Grand National coverage - which made no real sense as the rest of the run was limited to the 5pm weekday slot. Suspect they though it would benefit from some audience inheritance from the coverage.

There was an audience for this, and it was all real - I was in it for two recordings. It was recorded in TC8 three weeks before TVC closed down. The screen the contestants looked at was a rear projection screen which blocked the middle section of audience seating, so all in all when full, there was around 100 -120 in attendence. My shows, proably around 60 as it was a midweek daytime morning recording.

What I didn't realize is a large majority of the episodes are actually available to watch on DailyMotion!
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BBC Cymru Wales New HQ


Freeview channels thread

The same rebrand happened around the same time last year as well.
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Family Fortunes is back

I'd recognise that manic violin anywhere. So that's on the trail but isn't the theme tune to the new version?

Is that an actual trail? Isn’t it something that’s been mocked up? They were certainly usually the actual music when I saw.

Britbox UK - UK SVoD Platform.

The original Survivors series as well!

Up to episode 4!

The later episodes of S1, and all of S2/3 are the most beautiful 70s OB, that fits with the bleak, empty world beautifully. Not Britbox’s best attribute, but enjoy!

Family Fortunes is back

I am sure I read that the music masters for the big ATV quiz shows were definitely rescued, and are kept by someone in particular and aren’t released.
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Steph's Packed Lunch

I’ve only seen the first episode because of work, I’d most probably watch it regularly if it aired late afternoon, obviously I don’t expect channel 4 to change their schedule to suit myself but as others have mentioned maybe it would suit a late afternoon slot where there are no similar programmes in the schedules.

Family Fortunes is back

Good to hear the original version hasn't been chucked in a skip like I'd always assumed! Smile
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Steph's Packed Lunch

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