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BBC News nostalgia, including BBC World

Do we know the reason for the different endboard to usual here. Granted it was the final week of the Virtual look, had this been changed before hand or was it an error?
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BBC News nostalgia, including BBC World

Here is the ‘Nine O’Clock News and Election’87’. Similar idea, with a bespoke set as well. The news theme doesn’t work quite so well with the election intro.

I really like the way it fits together.
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BBC 2020 Rebrand Project

Would have been better to post the new aston designs on non-blurred images, to see if they would be legible.
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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

Is it just me or has South East Today's set been looking extremely tired these past few years.
When do you think we'll get a new set. The white plastic is yellowing and the weather screens are all different colours.
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Should (and could) ITV regionalise again?

If ever a government is going to turn back the clock it's probably this one, and it would be a way to cover up the failure of local TV. Highly unlikely to happen though - only way I see it is if ITV became a US style network in control of national programming and the bulk of primetime and daytime, with regional elements then franchised out to affiliates. I honestly think though in that scenario viewers would lose out - ITV and the big players may bid for the profitable regions but we'd risk seeing companies of similar quality to That's TV end up with the smaller regions and a huge reduction in quality as a result.

The question that springs to mind is who would have the financial clout to be affiliates? It would need to be a case of very deep pockets.
Steve Williams

BBC Breakfast - 16th July onwards

(yes, we're going massively off-topic for Breakfast. I'll report my own post in a moment...)

I'm sorry I was the one who sent this thread into this direction, but it's all been very interesting, I think. Funnily enough in the week before lockdown, when I was working from home and my partner was still going into work, as I was staying in bed for longer (I've not been missing the commute) and they were already out of it, I could hear Breakfast before I could see it. Initially this served as a bit of reassurance, in a submarine-captains-listening-to-Today fashion ("Oh, Dan and Louise are still on, it can't be that bad"), but then it would lead me to wondering where they were sitting and if it was starting to resemble the Wartime Broadcasting Service on screen.

In fact in my old house I used to hear quite a lot of news through my upstairs neighbour getting up ten minutes before me and putting the radio on, because I could hear it right through my ceiling. I remember being woken up by Nessum Dorma one morning and realising that meant Pavarotti had died. One morning I could hear the voice of Paul O'Grady and assumed that he had died - it wasn't long after his heart attack - and being surprised when I turned on the telly and he was still alive. I don't know what he was on for.

The mention of having holidays booked around lockdown would have been quite common, I think, because presumably quite a lot of companies would be getting people to use them up before the end of the finanical year. Two of my colleagues had the week beginning the 16th off, which must have been the most incredible culture shock - leaving the office pretty much as usual on the Friday, then coming back to work with the office completely out of bounds.

Actually a few weeks ago we were watching Noughts and Crosses, recorded off BBC1 back in March and April, and it had the Ten after every episode - so it was very strange looking at the headlines after each episode, getting more and more catastrophic week by week,
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Should (and could) ITV regionalise again?

I think ITV would still have news and weather in the usual slots. The 6pm regional and 6.30pm news do really well for them.

CNN International

"The World's News Leader".


This is the problem I have with the Current CNN operation, If they are getting this stuff wrong, what else are they getting wrong?

Sorry, I'm a bit lost and I don't mean to sound stupid but for those who aren't into sport, what did CNN get wrong?

"1996 British World Cup Winner" - should be 1966 England World Cup Winner
"1997 Footballer of the Year" - should be 1966-67 Footballer of the Year
"Went on to manage other football teams" - isn't wrong, but perhaps would've been better to note his management of the Irish national team since that is the most notable
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CNN International

"The World's News Leader".


This is the problem I have with the Current CNN operation, If they are getting this stuff wrong, what else are they getting wrong?

Sorry, I'm a bit lost and I don't mean to sound stupid but for those who aren't into sport, what did CNN get wrong?
Steve Williams

Sky sports commentators

DigitalSpy's long-running commentary threads appear to have recently spawned a website to track this sort of thing. The ICDb shows that Alan Parry has indeed been back on Sky since the restart:

Apparently a few years ago Parry was thinking of retiring, but Sky wanted to keep him, so they compromised and he's now seemingly like John Motson in his last few years on the Beeb - low-profile matches, and not every week.
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BBC News: Presenters, correspondent & rotas

Don’t worry. There’s still more than enough presenters in the presenters pool to ensure BBC News and BBC World News stays on-air this summer. Just as there has been for the last many years.

A few names will come back from radio for a few weeks as well, bolstering the numbers. Especially on World, where 4 radio mainstays will take-up their dual roles again and ensure Mathew and Co can have a break.

Plus, Rolling News and I are also available should the need arise. I haven’t done it for a few years though.

I'll do the One when McCoy's on holiday. Don't fancy doing the late 😉

You'll be coming in via the Bath Road, no doubt? (People who know will know.....)
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The Sport Thread

rdd posted:
At the moment what is being run isn’t really Super Rugby as we know it. While it’s being branded (effectively for sponsorship reasons) as if it were, what we really have is two separate tournaments in NZ and Australia, with derbies only and a team in each country on a bye each week. So there are only four games a week instead of the seven there would normally be, so a lot more time. NZ is playing a game on Sunday, so you have one game on a Friday (in Aus), two on a Saturday and one on a Sunday.

So yeah, much longer time slots. What is happening as well, at least with the NZ coverage, is that Sky (UK/Irl) are relaying the entire Sky NZ coverage including pre game, half time and post game (albeit the latter may be truncated if there’s an Australian game after) whereas traditionally coverage was little more than “whistle to whistle”.

All good points, but my observation is why Sky UK are now giving the Kiwi games quite generous schedule slots, but still squeezing the Wallabies into tight 1hr 45mins (or so) slots. The games get shown in their entirety which is the main thing, but they're dropping (most of) the pre & post-match stuff for the Aussies. But not the Kiwis.

I guess it is an ownership issue as Sky UK, Sky NZ and Foxtel all have different arrangements. Could also be product placement issues.
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