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From KBS in South Korea, here is a compilation of KBS2's KBS 8 Morning News Time intros from 2004 to the present:

What's the point of KBS having two different morning newscasts, News Plaza and Morning News Time?

South Korean television doesn't really have long breakfast shows similar to BBC Breakfast or NBC's Today show, most of them run for an hour only. As to News Plaza's existence, it is one of two remnants of a former television station. When South Korea was under military dictatorship in 1980, several broadcasters were forced to merge with KBS. Most notably the defunct Tongyang Broadcasting Company, where "News Plaza" originally came from. TBC was forced into KBS and became KBS 2. "Morning Newstime" started in 2004.

But SBS' Morning Wide runs for more than an hour and air in parts to allow advertising in between.

From what I know, Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Philippines already started their breakfast TV before the 1990s, where after that period almost every Asian country does breakfast TV. Indonesia started breakfast TV in 1993 while Malaysia and Singapore start a year later.
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Thanks for the example, 623058.

Unfortunately it's just as incompetent. I can't say it's worse because you can't get lower than the standards previously set. The design has gone sideways. Quite a feat.

The programme name is more prominent, which is an improvement, so credit there. The remainder is PowerPoint novice standard.
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Amazon partners with ATP for Next Gen Finals

Internet company Amazon has entered into a partnership with ATP Media, the broadcast arm of professional men’s tennis circuit the ATP World Tour, through which it will stream the Next Gen Finals.

The deal covers worldwide distribution of the Next Gen Finals, a new season-ending tournament for the world’s top players aged 21 and under.

Amazon Prime Video will serve as an official streaming partner of the ATP World Tour as part of the deal, which runs until the end of 2018.

Amazon will hold worldwide OTT rights, excluding China, and the full exclusive rights in the US, to distribute the Next Gen Finals, outside of the ATP’s OTT platform, Tennis TV.

The deal has been signed ahead of the inaugural Next Gen Finals, which will take place in Milan, Italy from November 7-11.

Amazon will showcase all Next Gen Finals matches produced by ATP Media, as well as three documentaries that will feature behind-the-scenes content and exclusive player interviews.

Chris Kermode, ATP executive chairman and president, said: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we’re doing with the Next Gen ATP Finals, and the way in which we present and broadcast the event is central to that. Our agreement with Amazon will give this year’s inaugural tournament in Milan an international reach in a digital space that is only becoming increasingly important in the world of sport and entertainment.”

Alexander Zverev (pictured) of Germany is currently the No.1 ranked Next Gen player heading into the Milan event.

Seems that there'll be three options in the UK, Sky, Tennis TV and now Amazon Prime.
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Didn't Andi Peters join LWT in some sort of executive role though? Head of Music or something.

Yes, as well as presenting The Noise he was also producing it, I think he was hired as Executive Producer, Pop Music or something. He'd already been producing and directing episodes of The O Zone at the Beeb so it was a proper job, not some kind of vanity title. He produced a couple of other shows as well, including An Audience With The Spice Girls and Gladiators Train 2 Win, and after The Noise was axed as a regular series it continued as specials for another year or so.

The oddest thing about The Noise is that it was on before The Chart Show, which seemed to do more or less the same thing and rendered The Noise somewhat redundant. When they commissioned CDUK they did at least have the sense to axe The Chart Show.

Anyway, I don't want to claim credit for this but I did alert Simeon Courtie to its presence on Twitter...

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I'm just guessing here, but it's possible the form of words for the 'standard outcue' hasn't been communicated to all CBS reporters. Or it's possible that there isn't an agreed SOC at all and it's just being busked.
Two minutes regions...
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Quick thought - back when Sky's channel logos were all in lower case over various iterations in the 90s, Sky News was always the odd one out, with an upper case N - the thinking presumably being that "news" looked just a little too jaunty and informal when reporting on terrible disasters and atrocities around the world. Wonder if they might decide to do similar again.

They did of course have a lowercase 'news' in the early 00's...

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UTV Newsline

Would be good if BBC Sport were able to pick up more PDC tournaments as they did a great job with the Champions League and upped their coverage from the BDO days.

I thought after the first PDC event on the BBC we might have had next day highlights of the World Championships over at Ali Pali deal announced.
Although I suspect Sky may have had a say in that, considering its one of their major 'mention and plug every 10 seconds' live events of the year.

When the BBC started showing their PDC event last year Sky already had their rights deal for their 5 or 6 tournaments but Sky Sports deal with the PDC is up next year and I believe ITV Sport rights deal is also coming up shortly so it will be interesting to see if the BBC go for anything else. Obviously the main rights they may look at is the PDC World Championships and Barry Hearn in interviews recently has been talking up having free to air tournaments on BBC and ITV for both Darts and Snooker however if they pull even part of that away from Sky they may drop coverage of the Premier League, World Matchplay as well. Be interesting to see what happens but it would be good for the BBC or ITV to gain some more tournaments.