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The holding company name for Currys and Carphone (formerly Dixons Stores Group)

For heavens sake. Is it really too much to ask for you to spell things out? It may save you 0.2 seconds but I often have to spend more than a couple of moments decoding your posts, as I'm sure others do.
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Ordering pizza through the TV will forever feel more exciting and futuristic than ordering pizza through a phone app.

I remember ordering some pizzas from Domino's through Sky Interactive once.

Whilst it did feel very futuristic, I remember the ordering process being so slow that I could have probably made the pizzas myself from the raw ingredients in the time it took to enter my order, card details and address - and this was even using my 'Sky Open...' keyboard (which, incidentally, I won after a letter of mine to the Sky customer magazine was awarded 'letter of the month' Laughing).
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It’s unfortunate that a lot of TV programmes do recruit hosts who are... easy on the eye...not saying Charlotte isn’t a good newsreader but her looks probably contributed in securing her role...same applies to many... Even some of the men on TV such as Stephen Mulhern or Phillip schofield- recruited because they have people who fancy them. I know if they are on TV of course they will spend more time looking good... you don’t see many scruffy people in tv
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"Good Evening and here is an illustrated summary of the news it will be followed by the latest film of events and happenings home and abroad"
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Although I personally believe that the news should always be found in the same place and other programming should move around it (onto BBC2 in this case), I'm kind of defeating my own argument by also admitting that it's odd that people can't press one button on the remote to solve the issue (the prog channel "up" button), which will take a fraction of a millisecond.

Yet people like me (here and now) will happily devote 3 minutes to write a post justifying one position or another.......

The BBC can't have it both ways, it can't be the 'go to' channel for events of importance, but expect the news to be an immovable stone in its schedules.
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The Big Breakfast had a surprise revival tonight on This Week, complete with original music and titles. It was marvellous.


I nearly choked on my Ovaltine when this kicked in straight after the BBC One ident...


In widescreen too apparently!
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