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It was always strange to me why LWT never tried to bother producing a local news programme by themselves from the late 1970s.

Well, they did do The London Programme each week as current affairs from the late 70s, which is a brilliant excuse to show a video of its fantastic opening titles/music

And the Six O'Clock Show did some softer news/ current affairs stuff in and around the corny gags. (Here's a version where the LWT ident failed to appear...)

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Night Thoughts198 posts since 24 Jan 2016
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Happened routinely towards the end of ITV regional identities. Carlton would introduce Home and Away, the centre break world have LWT bumpers.

AFAIK, the closest Carlton and LWT got to a handover was on a Friday during the 1994 World Cup - match coverage started at 5.15, I think it was a Carlton ad break followed by LWT continuity.
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If there is any way to add more complexity to the Brexit debate, it’s to add Northern Irish politics on the top with the DUP arguing with Sinn Fein.

Im surprised they’ve chosen this week for the Northern Irish edition.

Considering that the United Kingdom's only land border with the rest of the EU is in Northern Ireland, and that the question of how that border will function going forward is just about the most complex part of Brexit, I'm more surprised that Question Time has only bothered to visit Northern Ireland twice since the referendum.
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Has anyone noticed that whenever Babita is presenting Newsday in the last couple of weeks, she is now sitting in the chair the whole time? This leads to odd camera angles when conducting live interviews in the programme now, with the cameras positioned as if she is standing up. All other hosts still seem to present standing up, and i believe she was off-air for several weeks, hopefully she is doing ok Thumbs up
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LWT News ceased operation on Sunday 3 January 1993 to make way for the launch of a new seven days a week news service jointly run by LWT and Carlton Television, in a joint venture known as London News Network.

London Today actually started on New Year's Day (Friday) with Paul Green as part of the Carlton franchise. LWT carried on their own service over the weekend with a full launch on Monday 4th Jan.
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Was there anything to stop LWT asking Thames to provide the news for them across the whole weekend?

I suppose not, except for the cost.

All that happened in 1982 was that their normal Friday night bulletin moved onto LWT and got a bit shorter. Adding another 2 days to the operation would have incurred substantial costs - extra shifts for journalists, newsroom and technical crew. There will have been some skeleton staffing at Euston over the weekend and of course maybe a crew shooting stories for the week, but nothing like what they'd need to do programmes

I still think the reason LWT moved news back to 17.15 for the last four months is because there would be no handover come 1993.

And the logic behind that is?