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BBC Cymru Wales New HQ

It’ll be nice for them to turn off the lights like they did at NWT’S oxford road
Gary Baldy Granada North West Today

Steph's Packed Lunch

How's this show working? I saw bits of the pre-lockdown version, thought it needed a studio for sure- now that it's in the studio, what's it like?
Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)

Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

Or get somebody else to do it as a package.
Write that down in your copybook now.
cmthwtv West Country (East) Points West

Oneness on lockdown - new idents for BBC One

I hope they keep the current idents at Christmas just for the reaction here Very Happy

Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

Wouldn’t it have been safer to do a screen record, edit (if necessary) and playout the video rather than risk it?

I mean, you could, but the whole point was Sarah demonstrating how it worked. They would have had to record it in a break and then play it out again to get the same effect otherwise it would look odd.
dylanharper London London

Steph's Packed Lunch

The show has looked better this week. They even had Dean Dunham on the show Monday, he's top drawer when it comes to consumer law advice. He has his own weekly show on LBC radio and usually appears on the likes of ITV This Morning, so I was surprised to see him on there. Hopefully they will retain him long term. Ainsley Harriot was also brilliant on Monday. If they get more like these two the show may just may work out
Willz Central Reporting Scotland

YouTube Gold Have a look at this!
It’s underrated
Steve Williams

Family Fortunes is back

The first episode was aired straight after that year's Grand National coverage - which made no real sense as the rest of the run was limited to the 5pm weekday slot. Suspect they though it would benefit from some audience inheritance from the coverage.

They did that with the first episode of the Fifteen to One revival (normal human version) as well, again to give it a bit of a boost like how US TV launch shows off the back of the Superbowl. But it was an hour or so after the race had finished, so pretty much all the casual viewers had long switched off. As you say, Five Minutes To A Fortune was one of the last ever shows filmed in TC8.
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Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

Wouldn’t it have been safer to do a screen record, edit (if necessary) and playout the video rather than risk it?
scottishtv Founding member Central Reporting Scotland

Oneness on lockdown - new idents for BBC One

They'll just swap the one of tea being made (which BBC Scotland seems to love), for mugs of mulled wine. Minimum effort.
what West Country (East) Points West

BBC Cymru Wales New HQ

So it’ll probably be Nick or Jen from Broadcasting House tomorrow night, and the launch from Central Square at breakfast on Monday.
Jacq Wales Wales Today

ITV Hub: Trapped in an infinite loop of ads !

I haven't had the ad loop. What happens on mine, is that I'll watch a show til the last ad break, ad break will run fine, then when the show starts again, I'll see a split second of it, then get the three loading dots forever.

Then when I restart the app, I'll try and watch it again, and there's no resume option.

And the less said about their subtitle setup, the better...
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