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What do you think is the case for the directive?

Firstly, and this isn't about the directive itself, but YouTube has somehow managed this


All this appears to have inspired, in an extreme case, one German teenager to threaten suicide. In a segment shown by German public broadcaster ZDF, she vows: "They can't steal our future. If they close YouTube – so many suicides – I will be the first."

"Don't fool the kids and their parents," responded Green MEP Hegla Trudel. She urged YouTube not to create an atmosphere of "hysteria"

Now, my case for it. YouTube already has content ID. Infact I just uploaded some continuity earlier today, it was blocked worldwide by the BBC, I appealed and was immediately declined. So I deleted the video.

However copies I've read of Article 13 specifically require complaints and redress mechanisms and an independent country level organisation to escalate to if the copyright holder declines your copyright appeal. Therefore if A13 was passed, that video may actually be live on YouTube right now.

What legal reason do you have to post that copyrighted material, in a way that would pass under that mechanism?

Well if it’s idents it’s quite possible they may be covered by section 30. Criticism, review & news reporting.
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Not convinced about this one, just looks like a pile of shapes in the main ident - you can't see the itv logo at all, which makes it a bit more inconsistent with the other ones where we have been able to see it.

Overall, pretty poor in my opinion.
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Do you think that we might be lucky on 5th February? I don´t know why they eventually didn't launch a new look. Was it because of the switch to the new automated system? Due to the extensive Brexit coverage, the Comcast deal? Or maybe a combination of all? I also remember a post back in September when the new shows launched which also said that they were working on a new look lunchtime live, which then also didn't launch.

I really hope so, it seems like we’ve been waiting ages and I’m sure I remember that a new look was due to launch but then never materialised? The whites are just too minimalistic to me and I wish they’d do something to make things look a little more professional! I mean the virtual studio looks like a regional newsroom... I’m sure that’s not the look they are going for! Also, I note the blue lights on Mark Austin’s News Hour which made the glass box look more interesting have now reverted back to the standard red! Also, is anyone on here technically able enough to create a mock on what they’d like the graphics to be? Would be really interested to see some ideas as some of the BBC mocks I’ve seen over in the gallery have been excellent

Exactly it is a pity they didn't stick to the blue lights during the news hour. They harmonized quite well with the orange lighting in the box. Now it is just too much beige and red. When the sunlight is not strong outside especially during the press preview the walls of sky central look beige/greenish which is quite disgusting. When the glassbox launched this was not as bad. Probably different camera settings now.

Completely agree the whole place looks filthy these days! So beige and browny compared to this clean, fresh look on launch day:

I also note they never use this angle anymore:

A shame as it’s quite bright and looks really clean... I just can’t get on board with those blue and red rectangle lightboxes in the background at the moment! There’s no pattern to them and it’s almost as though they have been installed by someone doing the bird box challenge! Even the colours in those look washed out and the fact remains that nothing compares to this:

Those deep blues and bright crisp whites really are something! I suppose we will never see anything like that on the channel again... I actually prefer when they are out on location now as it seems the reigns come off a bit and things feel much less bland! Anything to take us out of those hideous ‘studios’ for a while!