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Of course - but we're seeing more now - I can only remember The Pledge being on twice a week before and from what I can see with the new series it's now four times. Sundays between 7.30pm and 10pm there is only half an hour of news coverage. Rest is The Pledge, Sportsline and Niall Patterson on Sunday highlights.

Hotspots is weird, it's not altogether clear if it's a regular series (and if so when new episodes air) the episode numbers don't even appear on Sky Q, it seems yesterdays episode was a new one but the first new one for some weeks after showing the same old episode time and time again.

Have we seen them break into these programmes before for breaking news?

The Glass Box hasn't been in use all day from what I've seen (but I've not saw every hour or anything like it) I'll be curious what is going to be done tonight for the Press Preview and if they will be back there.
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They always have aired more pre-recorded stuff over Christmas though and there has been a little bit extra over the last week in preparation for the move. Quite true though they are less afraid to dip away from rolling news coverage.

Back to the studios and are the weekend arrangements broadly the same as on weekdays - i.e. new studio for Sunrise, glassbox for most of the rest of the day?
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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To be honest we've slowly seen a move to more filler programs and documentaries over the last year or so anyway - over December and the first half of January for instance there was a lot of the same old documentaries being shown every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

Today Trumps first year is on at 6.30pm, Hotspots is on again at 9pm, like it did yesterday and The Pledge is now being shown four times a week (8pm Thursday, midnight Friday/Saturday, Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings.

It's certainly heading towards less wall to wall news coverage.
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We can squarely 'blame' Discovery for the mess the player has become. They decided that all players would be co-ordinated on a pan European basis for all of their channels to do that last August they stripped Eurosport SA of the operation and maintenance of the Player and set up National player hubs, into which material is fed. To complicate things further all contracts that were with Eurosport were transferred to these National operations. Complaints therefore became a nightmare. Development was transferred as well. Not withstanding the intention no other content has yet appeared alongside Eurosport from other Discovery Channels.

The Winter Olympics will be make or break for Eurosport, the departure of it's head (see elsewhere) is telling. I gather that their Bundesliga service in Germany has now settled somewhat after an appalling start.
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I been look for the past day, and even check your site and youtube etc and nothing, yet it been claimed its been in used for 2 1/2 years... Confused

Is this a complete wind up???


* Swimmers back into the Sea:
A backwards version of the earlier ident of Swimmers. A group of people are seen heading back into the water before a morning swim at the sea.
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Is the next post dreaded?
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Unfortunately we are not in 2004 anymore. The way people get their news has changed. In my opinion, Sky News the channel is heading for closure. This move recently is part of a long “game”. The channel is being stripped away peice by peice. I suspect the channel will be gone within five years. I hope I am wrong. That doesn’t mean Sky News will be gone. And Disney I can’t see keeping it for long either. It would not make sense! It’s a shame but it is what it is.

I think you're wrong about the Sky News channel being gone in 5 years. However, I forsee it changing quite substantially. Outside of a shortened Sunrise, you'll see news bulletins at the top of the hour, and feature programming at the bottom of the hour. The kind of long form news programming that we see these days on Sky News will disappear.

You might see documentary series, stand alone documentaries, sports highlights, or programmes about style or technology, or various other programmes that would fit the half hour format.

Even factoring in repeats though I suspect creating content for that back half hour would probably work out more expensive than just running live.

I don't know that it would though. Some great documentary series including The Tube have been produced on a skeleton crew and budget. NHK produce some incredible documentaries for NHK World, and they can't be making those on much more than basic budgets with skeleton crews.

The other thing to factor in, is as sports rights get more expensive, the need to re-use material to get the money's worth out of the rights will become overwhelming, so half-hour highlights packages may become a thing as well, maybe a day or more after the live coverage airs on Sky Sports.
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