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BBC iPlayer

The days of content being exclusive to one channel/network are long gone, now we're in an era of six million channels. Perfectly possible for stuff to appear on multiple outlets.

Plus Bel-Air is in syndication, so it's probably relatively cheap to buy for iPlayer, and what with it being from the 1990s, and all that retro stuff is in at the moment...
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Eurosport Player

Eurosport Player content is to be folded into Discovery+, over the next couple of years, with Discovery+ being the OTT service for Eurosport across Europe before the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Cando London London

Sports Personality of the Year 2020

He has arguably done enough on the pitch to be nominated as well,

He has? There would be at least 5 other British footballers ahead of him in terms of achievement last season.
Jon posted:

I think to not include Marcus Rashford is an odd move and almost feels political.

It's based on sporting achievement in your field not your charity work, no matter how noble it is. If it was based on politics a homophobe like Tyson wouldn't be anywhere near it.
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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

Meridian reporter.

Incidentally just before the last lockdown, ITV London sent a reporter to Grays which is on the north side of the Thames to Gravesend when Thurrock stayed in a lower tier compared to the rest of Essex. Meridian have been known to go across to the Essex side to report.

BBC South last week suddenly decided to report about Slough, it happens once or twice a year. This time it was because Slough is the only area in the region in Tier 3

Yeah there was no need to report from Slough on South. It was just to add some drama, as the region is otherwise all Tier 1 and 2.
It was the BBC London politics editor. He recorded a report for South, shown 'as live', while appearing live on London at the same time.
No doubt there will be more of this sort of thing. It is cheap to do, and 99% of viewers wouldn't even know or notice that the town isn't officially in the region.

As we know, ITV regional news already makes generic reports, which are shown in several regions, often without mentioning particular places.

Well, I've just heard on Meridian's Thames Valley news, quote, "everywhere in the Meridian Thames Valley region, is in Tier 2"
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WW Update

International News Presentation: Past and Present

Telemundo, U.S., 2020:

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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

Just how far in advance does ITV regional news film the bulletins before broadcast?
Watching Meridian South now and there is a reflection of a monitor visible above Sangeeta which is showing Tipping Point.
I thought they filmed them closer to 6pm, like at 5.15 or 5.30. Tipping Point finishes at 4.55.
There is something I hate about news programmes not being live!
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Classic Emmerdale

I think the show moved studios around the same time as they moved to the new outdoor set as well, from Farsley Mills to the new studios around the corner from the main YTV studios (where the Emmerdale experience is now).
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New backdrops for BBC News

Don’t they usually change the big round screen thing(no idea what it’s actually called) to orange for breakfast interviews.

BBC iPlayer

RDJ posted:
Interesting for the Beeb to pick Fresh Prince up considering they haven't aired it in over 16 years and it's been on a plethora of digital channels (and maybe a brief spell on Channel 5?) ever since.

I suspect it's to bulk up iPlayer's content.

Wheel of Fortune to return?

Yes but mainly using STV stars and screening only in Scotland.

Sounds like a regular edition except for viewers in Scotland.
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Classic Emmerdale

Back in the old days of manual destination blinds I bet ‘City Centre’ was the best destination available on a n actual Bradford minibus.

Of course these days with digital displays they can display Hotten or anything they want.
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Wheel of Fortune to return?

Yes but mainly using STV stars and screening only in Scotland.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.