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Does anyone know why on Sky 506, there is a banner at the bottom saying “CNN LIVE STREAM UK viewers go to

Looking at other CNNI output, this isn’t showing so I wonder why this is being shown for the benefit of UK viewers? Are they planning on leaving the Sky/Freesat platform?

Probably not. My feeling is CNN has realised that the UK is ironically one of the countries in the EMEA region with one of the lowest penetration rates for the channel. I believe Freeview, which CNN is not on, is what most UK TV viewers have. Plus, it's been missing from TVPlayer for the better part of the past 18 months and there's no other legitimate alternative to stream the channel in the UK.
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With no signs of the lock down ending and therefore the papers continuing to be broadcast remotely its about time they used the opportunity to feature people not based within the M25 who wouldn't ordinarily feature due to the journey to NBH not being worth it.

Don't any of the paper shows book the Westminster Correspondent of the Yorkshire Post to do that? I know Newsnight have in the past.
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Some former local tv people who have made it to the mainstream.

Vanessa Baffoe - London Live to Look East, now freelance.
Alison Earle - London Live to BBC London
Alex Iszatt - That's Oxfordshire to GMB and ITV News London
Claudia-Liza Armah - BBC Three, to London Live and now the 5 News Tonight main presenter.
Caroline Rundell - Latest TV to Global's Newsroom.
Tatiana Sanchez - Latest TV to AJE.
Ellie Pitt - Made in Bristol to ITV News West Country, now at ITV News Cymru Wales.

Ben Bland was a reporter and anchor at ChM now at BBCNews
James Webster was reporter and anchor at ChM now lead anchor at ITV Channel Islands, previously a reporter ITV Calendar

Jess Dunsdon, now at ITV Channel Islands, was also a presenter at Channel M.
Oliver Dickinson, previously of That's Manchester, is now a reporter and producer at STV News.

Just remembered that Charlotte Briere-Edney who was once the infamous face of That's TV where she popped up at every launch is at ITV Border.
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It reminds me of a conversation I had earlier elsewhere about people who complain constantly about a show they supposedly hate are really fans. You don't watch a show so avidly unless you're a fan, even if it is a news magazine.