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Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

Genuine question, not intended to be ranty/moaning: can someone with a bit more technical expertise explain why are the image quality on the screens isn't great?

Given the glass box was 2016 and its very bright and sharp, I'm surprised that four years later with LED technology moving on all the time that the screens here look as bad as they do. Colours are over-saturated, it's blurry, contrast is poor.

Is it hindered by the studio facing out onto an open newsroom with daylight? Is it a software issue that can be fixed with some work? Or is it that the screens are cheap / poor quality and they've done the best they can with limited resources (fair enough, if so)?
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ITV News

chris posted:
On the 'News at Ten' tonight it looked like the interview with Matt Hancock took place outside BBC Broadcasting House. I assume he was on his way to Andrew Marr.

Yes that happens most Sundays.

Indeed increasingly happening weekday mornings too. Now that The Today programme is no longer being boycotted.
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Challenge - June 2016 onwards

Challenge are showing "New" episodes of Wheel of Fortune Series 15 right now with Paul Hendy as host - I think these are the daytime versions? It has an updated set, wheel and graphics and I sense canned applause.
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ITV News

I don’t know if they ever considered this when they moved TV news progs to NBH, but in the old days of Breakfast with Frost and the first few years of Marr, the logistics of- and security barriers at- TVC meant competitors couldn’t grab ministers on the way in/out.

It all means that the traditional sight of the Frost/Marr interviews getting ‘pick up’ on Sky and the ITV bulletins is slightly more rare now.
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French TV

How could I miss the news of JPP leaving TF1!

I thought a woman would be the replacement, but not Marie-Sophie Lacarrau when they have in-house talent such as Anne-Claire Coudray and LCI's Audrey Crespo-Mara who is the weekend jockey for ACC.

It also means France 2 will need a new presenter for Prodiges.
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Cartoons on TV

And at that point I remember ITV had what we considered the "proper" post-1950 Warner Bros cartoons and the Beeb had the older ones. Of course nowadays thanks to various bits of consolidation they own them all again.

The cartoon library you're referring to actually starts at August 1948, Warner sold its pre-1950 feature film library to Associated Artists Productions in June 1956. However, it retained it's live action short film library from August 1948 during the purchase, as well as the black and white Looney Tunes cartoons and non-Harman/Ising black and white Merrie Melodies, under the subsidiary Sunset Productions, which they licensed the TV distribution rights to Guild Films.

But after Sunset ceased in 1957 and Guild Films followed in 1961, the library was sold to Seven Arts Productions, who merged with Warner Bros. in 1967, and became Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, reuniting Warner with much of their B&W cartoon library. Of course, after that, came the AWFUL redrawn versions of their B&W cartoons, produced by Fred Ladd, and as the Sunset prints were sometimes used as the source material, the titles were redrawn, too.

They did receive computer colourised versions, supervised by Warner in the early 1990's, straight from the original film negatives. As you say, the pre-1948 library sold to a.p.p. ended up being owned by Turner Broadcasting System, which merged with Time Warner in October 1996.

About Rolf's Cartoon Club, Paul Wells, the director of the Animation Academy at Loughborough University, says they've preserved the master copies for the whole series, for better or worse. Judging from the title sequence of said show, Harris apparently visited Bumper Films, the original production company behind Fireman Sam.
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Steph's Packed Lunch

If the remit for C4 is to do things differently, they should be using new talent around Steph, so up and coming chefs rather than the usual suspects and so.

I can see that being popular. A live contest from Trinity Leeds shopping centre would give Steph's profile a boost and would certainly fill C4's remit of broadcasting from outside London.
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Cartoons on TV

A bit of reasearch shows Disney weren't responsible for the international distribution of Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire, only in the US, which is probably how they ended up on the CBBC Channel (the CITV channel also showed the former at one point).

I think Even Stevens was an Indie production for Disney Channel. Their own production arm, It's A Laugh Productions, was set up in 2003 to effectively feed the Disney channels with live-action content, which effectively took the entire production process for that genre in-house. I think there is another production company that does the range of animated series on the networks, but that's almost certainly again owned by Disney to feed the TV stations with content.

Lizzie McGuire was most probably "officially" indie, although it was created by somebody who created other content for ABC, which of course is owned by Disney.
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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

Forgot it was conference season. Guess they're all virtual this year.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
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Top of the Pops

Aren't The Archies a cartoon band? They're based on the Archie comic book. Even if the episode that song was on wasn't wiped, there could be rights issues with the footage, which probably came from the cartoon the song is originally from.
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Cartoons on TV

Listing from 2006:
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Cartoons on TV

A bit of reasearch shows Disney weren't responsible for the international distribution of Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire, only in the US, which is probably how they ended up on the CBBC Channel (the CITV channel also showed the former at one point).