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I believe that would've been in Spring 2010 when the ident was used (as it promoted Over The Rainbow, Total Wipeout and DW) and the episode was June 2010, so it may be unlikely.
According to Wikipedia (not exactly what one would call a reliable source, I'll admit) it was used from 24th April to 19th June 2010. Though to be fair, I have no idea whether it was as consistently used as 'Neon' apparently was on Saturday Nights.

It's weird how your mind plays tricks on you. I must have saw it so often at my grandparents that I thought it was used a lot longer than that (6 months or so)
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The liquid ones despite using a quick drying alcohol base really needed to be left to dry after use, so many machines mangled tape, when the friction needed to complete the intricate tape loading was disrupted by still damp surfaces, following premature post cleaning operation.
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I have to agree with others that the slide simply doesn't work. The amount of text would be unreadable in a span of 10-15 seconds depending on the length of the ident and plus the logo would be lost out in the wave of titles in the same colour. All of those titles could've been used in a promo where they simply zoom out and fade with the reveal of the new ITV One logo but simply slapping them with the ITV One logo in the middle just seems carthartic.

As for ITV Six, I'm not a fan of the name but the concept of the channel doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would be. Six just doesn't seem identifiable to anyone, I think you could simply call it ITV "Family" as you want to turn the network into something everyone can enjoy, sort of like the American networks Discovery Family and the old cable channel Fox Family. The only issue is finding programming suitable for the network. Yes, it'll mostly be children's content by day but what about the family programming? Will it simply be repeats of older ITV Saturday night programming? Or will it clash with ITV's main programming, which targets everyone? The ideas here are smart, but I'm not sure how they'd logistically work with the audience.
Do you even read these?
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Has the new Jazzy theme turned up on Drama yet or how many episodes to go until we do?

Looks like the first episode with this theme (and the brand new title sequence) will be on this Friday at 1pm (11th May 1993)

Here's the original first airing of it:

Spoilers!!! That doesn't seem to be the first airing anyway, it's appears to be from a clean copy of the episode.
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Obviously a lot of it hinges on what you think of Steph. Personally I have to say her success has totally gone over my head. I just don't get the hype. Wholly inoffensive as part of a wider presenting team, but worthy of a self-titled show? Not for me.

She's not, nor ever has been my cup of tea either. I wish her well with her prog of course.