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The latest BBC World News one-minute update also features Reith and a new strap.

How do I view that I? Has a cross thru the play button

I think videos uploaded on Metropol with a public link, for some reason, don't work in Safari on Mac and iOS. If it was uploaded with a private link it would work, and it works in other browsers.

EDIT: Actually this one doesn't work when downloaded either, so it may not be encoded properly?

Based on that, I've updated my mocks I did before. I wonder if we could end up with something like this for the News channel?




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The saxophone theme brings back a lot of memories from being a kid despite not remembering much of the programme. I can’t believe that they changed the set so dramatically within 6 months. Their launch set (IMO) was a lot nicer than the TVam knock off that is seen in that clip.

I loved the way that the news was introduced too.
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A thread right up my street.
I have hazy memories of watching motormouth (but I remember the giant mouse trap game more) and have a factsheet at my Mum’s of how to bat gingerbread biscuits from Rustie Lee (I assume she was a guest chef).

Similarly I remember parts of going live and ghost train, but not that much. We used to watch Live & Kicking from time to time especially in the era when ITV’s became links with scratchy & co and Tricky, etc. The Live & Kicking theme even to this day puts a smile on my face. I remember it airing after the new adventures of superman during the Zoe & Jamie day’s especially.

With Fully Booked airing on Sundays from around 1996 we watched mashed on Saturday mornings and became excited for the launch of SM:TV. I may have been one of the only viewers watching in the early days with the control desk, little games and sketches, but it slowly morphed into an amazing programme that I thoroughly enjoyed despite being at the top end of the demographic. Saying that I still watch Saturday Mash Up, I’m definitely an adult in appearance, but a child in mind.

MOM, Dick & Dom and TMi all provided great entertainment also, it’s a shame that there was such a lull, hopefully Saturday Mash Up will continue to go from strength to strength (assuming it returns in September).

I can’t see ITV wanting to do anything anytime soon, especially as they don’t seem to commission much new content for the channel, never mind a Saturday morning programme. If anything they’d commission something for the main channel, but with James Martin’s Saturday, they don’t need to take the risk. If any main channel were to try it these days looking at the schedules it would most probably be Channel 5 who could bulk it out with nickelodeon programmes (such as turtles already shown) and replace the repeats that appear (all hypothetically of course).
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I just noticed the sounds in the soundtrack have a sporty feel.
First there's like these sounds of a football being kicked about and then when it comes back to the curve, it sounds like a crowd roar.
I could see this on before the ongoing Women's World Cup. It really fits that kind of programming.
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One incident in the 1990s, which was not a breakdown per se, on STV, we heard the continuity announcer talking over a slide for the next programme, and we also heard the first advert for the break getting played, before rewinding. Then we went to the break and the first ad was played again. The ad break went without a hitch; it was just that they played the advert initialy before the break, and rewound it!
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Tiswas. It couldn't be anything else growing up in Birmingham.

....and Hampshire !

In 1975 we got a new rental telly, and it had 6 push buttons ! We lived on top of a hill on the Hants/Berks border, so just about everybody in the area had London and Southern aerials, and as most tellies had typically
four buttons, it would be BBC 1, 2, ITV Southern, ITV London. However, the signal from Oxford and therefore ATV was also healthy, so my father stuck up an aerial for that too when we got our new telly. No one else at school had ATV, I remember telling them about Tiswas before LWT and Southern took the show, they didn't believe me !