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I used to love the 6 o Clock Show. Even now it has a unique style. One example of this is the way they do an item on something and include an interview with someone not necessarily connected with it. Danny Baker tells a great story in one of his biographies about being sent out to interview Kenneth Williams

The travel news from the helicopter didn't last long I think, but Fred Housego continues as a regular for a while

Wasn’t the show Greg Dyke’s first programme as a producer? Hadn’t he joined LWT in the 70s as a journalist working on Weekend World and the London Programme?
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Adam Boulton just welcomed viewers of the 11am TOTH to 'Sky News Today'. First time it's been referred to as that on air in recent years?

Sky EPG lists it simply as Sky News, however I thought it had been rebranded as 'Lunchtime Live' when Ian King Live moved to 1:30?

If they don't want it to be a simple Sky News block they really need to settle on a title and actually call it that on air.

EDIT: Seems to be a new graphic in use for the block as well.
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