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Because of you know what 'Frozen II' apparently is going to be rushed onto the platform in the US 'by Easter', not sure whether it'll be similarly provided here.

Apparently it won't be, due to Sky Movies having the rights.
Sky Cinema. And don't they have the rights to ALL Disney films? Otherwise there's no reason for Sky Cinema Disney's continued existence.

There's a difference between having rights and having ALL rights.
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If Social Distancing remains in place in some form for a year too surely Strictly is an inevitable casualty too.

I guess Strictly could find a loophole by switching the format to celebrity couples - who don't need to distance as they live together - and finding some way for the professional to train/choreograph them from a distance?

It would pretty impossible to make a show like Strictly with all crew, costume, lighting hair and make-up socially distant during set, strike and production.

Social distancing isn't just about those in front of the camera.
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UTV Newsline
Shaun Ley was coughing and sneezing this morning. Hope he's OK.

He’s mentioned in the past that he has allergies that cause that from time to time (and has been caught with a box of tissues behind him!) - nothing to worry about I’d imagine.
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I decided to create little stings in between programmes, such as this one from BBC3.

As for other BBC channels, I've been unable to, mainly because BBC2 and BBC4 don't exactly have their own soundtracks and finding one that'd suit the channel would be a bit impossible. I could use the Curve idents as music, but I don't necessarily see that working in my eyes.
Do you even read these?
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Let’s be honest, it’s probably easier and cheaper to use online resources than digging up ancient school programmes that have no relevance to teachers and children today

The fact a presenter of the day is delivering information while wearing flare trousers and harvesting massive sideburns doesn't change the basics of that information. Like I said in the other thread, the basic principles still apply - 2+2 is still 4, gravity still applies, mixing ammonia and bleach is still toxic and biology is happening inside us now.

No, but teaching methods DO change, and so does the curriculum itself.

The methods do, as does the curriculum, but as a teacher, myself and my colleagues still use some of the Channel 4 / BBC dvds for our curriculum because the production quality is far better than most other sources.

The only thing that really dates these now, is the style of mobile phone.

I still think ( some ) young people would find some of these programmes and indeed the fashions interesting.