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I would put money on the latter. As I've said, I strongly suspect Mobbs was alluding to changes on Newsround as posted about elsewhere.

He did mention changes happening this week unless Newsround is changing this week.
Newsround IS changing this week. The title sequence is on his website.

His website actually says it comes later this year.
It's not even realistic.
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The only problem I find watching celebrity games night is that it sometimes feels like they’re having more fun making it than I am watching it.

A story that sort of backs that up - Amanda Abbington was on Richard Herring's podcast recently (the cool kids might know it as RHLSTP) and declared she had never met him before that day. He then had to state they had met just a few days before recording an episode of Celebrity Games Night, however they'd all had so much to drink during the record she had forgotten!
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Would there be a delay if you were running in a strictly HD-SDI master control switcher using master control automation software?

There can be if the automation software has to figure in pre-cue delays for various bits of kit. The delays may be smaller - but they still exist.

But moving forward HD-SDI is an increasingly legacy technology, so won't be with us for that much longer I suspect. Playout is ahead of the game in moving to all-IP paths, but production is following.

(Though Quad 12G and the new fibre-based U-SDI standard are finding use in 8K Production, where baseband bitrates make IP less compelling in the short term...)
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Ghosts has been great so far I've thought. Funny, clever, lot of original ideas and a great ensemble cast.

I've never watched Horrible Histories so haven't made that connection. I'm sure if it was toned down a bit it would make a good kids show (or does owe a lot to Rentaghost after all), but it stands up fine on BBC1. As the reviews say it is a kids show made for adults, like HH is an adult show made for kids. That's fine by me, it's just silly and funny and not taking itself seriously and that's great

However it probably is on in the wrong slot as it could be a family watch. Apart from the fate of the MP and the slightly horrific 'accident' in episode 1 it's not been that child unfriendly so far

Have only seen the trailer and was horrified by the guy dressed as a Scout so don’t really want to watch. 😡
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My memory is very hazy now, but I saw the Channel 4 area at Tyne Tees in 1987. It was a bank of about 4 monitors which showed the incoming raw C4 feed, their outgoing feed to the transmitter, and screens for previewing and cueing up ads. The “control panel” seemed to have a number of buttons but not faders (if I remember rightly - it was so long ago!)

There was a fader involved though as the cut to/from the commercial break was always done via a down-and-up, rather than the simple cut that most other regions employed.

Pretty sure most of it was automated, with some manual intervention as you say to cue the tape as necessary before each junction, and a manual override.