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Yes - quite a number of issues in ZDF behaving in this manner, particularly if they took the Swiss commentary (as they won't have a talent rights contract for the commentator(s)

However in situations like this the mantra is often "Better to ask forgiveness than permission"...

They did still use their own commentary via phone line, so that's not a problem and the German commentator even mentioned that "the pictures are provide by Swiss television" when they switched the feed (as if the big red-white logo in the upper left hand corner saying "SFsport live" wasn't a big enough giveaway). So you could argue they did quote their source Laughing

And yeah, when you have 30 million viewers waiting you just do it and ask questions later.
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They do the same thing when they take content from Sky News too.

I guess that's from a technical reason, rather than a petty one of making your rivals look low quality?

It is - I can’t remember the reasons why, but the off air feed of C4 normally available in NBH is the SD version. For the Paralympics there had to be a special booking (of an HD receiver) made to make C4HD available. For whatever reason that wasn’t done on Sunday night and the SD version was recorded instead.

I do remember when TVC was in operation, anything from ITV was sourced from analogue off air, (with a thumping great ghost in the picture too (thanks to Westfield someone said), it wasn't until April 2012 (DSO in London) that that feed went 'digital', (although when did news move to NBH ? Not long after ?)
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There I think it's in the documentary film Control Room where the gallery at Al Jazeera are watching one of their rivals off air. Their exclusive pictures appear on it so they put up a full screen logo... the other channel soon cut away

I seem to recall that 2008 match was being covered by Al Jazeera Sport too and they didn't get the interruption to the coverage that everyone else did... and no one knew how.
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A little off-topic, but slightly reminded of Breakfast Time pirating a TV-am 'exclusive' with Princess Michael back in the day. Seem to remember it caused a few ructions. Though in that case, there was no breakdown just a bit of naughtiness on the Beeb's part.

I remember that, I think the IBA became involved in the spat ? and I seem to recall that YTV/ITN refused to let the BBC use any of the footage of the Bradford FC fire which was a week or two later ?
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Anyone remember a few years back, Australian network Nine had an exclusive and put a huge watermark across the middle of the screen. Rival network Seven had the cheek to still steal it and blur out the watermark! Nine ran an ad along the lines of ‘Sorry about our obnoxious watermark, but look what Seven did…’
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I’ll add into this mix that the ITA mulled over the idea of allocating the Dover transmitter to Anglia, rather than Southern 😎

Well that would have created a strip all the way down the East I guess - and East Kent has quite a lot in common with Essex (parts of which are in Anglia's patch...) Though not sure someone in Deal is that interested in Kings Lynn...

Quite ! Though Southampton is actually further from Deal than Kings Lynn (as the crow flies Cool )