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Whilst this story reflects how suddenly things can change, it also shows how important it is to learn how to perform CPR. As Tony says: “Get trained and be ready to save a live. It can happen any time any place and you want to be able to save a life".

Chances are, you will never need to use it, but knowing how to perform CPR means that should it be necessary, you could potentially save a person's life.
Putting the butt into butter
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Channel 4's political programming and satire has been lacking recently, especially since the ending of Bremner, Bird and Fortune around the 2010 general election, so a new programme with Andrew at the helm along with Portillo would be a good idea for Channel 4 to try, and if it failed it wouldn't matter too much.

I'm not sure how much room there is for political satire at the moment, it's hard to tell what is news reporting and analysis and what is satire these days
Write that down in your copybook now.
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I would actually say you're wrong on that one. Russia wouldn't be sending Sergey back if they didn't want to win it.

Russia want to win it. The EBU almost certainly do not want Russia to win.

Under what grounds exactly? Have they came out and said anything publicly or any press releases?

Of course not but privately the EBU will be thinking 'please god not Russia'. Every other country is geopolitcal a more suitable host.
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I'm not particularly keen on Good Morning Britain, but she was on the Today programme the other day.

Did they pixelate too?

See for yourself...

It's not just Brexit that's hard.
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Oooh that's a good idea. Old itv idents playing within the screens.

Maybe someone will tilt their hat to the past at some point. All those regional companies have made itv what it is today.
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On a side note, the Radio Times issue for the week the corporate branding launched was the first tease at the new look, (in a pre-Internet reliant world), as shown here, (also, note this was two weeks before ITV and C4 listings were added to the Radio Times);

They were promoting the new look every week from the start of 1991 with various stars. It was advertised on the inside back cover.

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Away from the Autotrolling in this thread .....

Back to the schedule ....

Issue satisfactorily resolved on the Field.

BBC News at TEN.

Could have been BBC News at 9.45. They were struggling so much to fill that last half hour I suspect they were knocking on BBC2's door to borrow an episode of Coast.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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