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He's had the disease now, and for the next few weeks at least, is not going to be distributing the virus or able to catch it from others. While we don't know about the longer term resistance or non-carrying, at the moment he's safe to go anywhere he wants, and as a high-position politician, he can easily argue that meeting the broadcast media is an essential part of his job.
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Whether complementing what schools are providing remotely, or as a standalone resource, the BBC’s newly expanded education offer will bring 14 weeks of educational programmes and lessons to every household in the country - whatever your child’s age.

Every child in the UK to have their education supported as BBC offers a wide range of curriculum related learning for children of all ages across all four nations

Famous faces Karim Zeroual, Oti Mabuse and Katie Thistleton alongside top quality teachers and organisations such as Royal Shakespeare Company, Premier League and Puffin Books lend their support

Daily programmes to help guide parents and children through their learning day

BBC Bitesize to deliver daily online lessons for all age groups

Content such as videos, quizzes, podcasts and articles will bring core subjects to life online at BBC Bitesize

Commencing on 20 April, the start of the summer term for most children, BBC Bitesize Daily, as the service will be called will deliver a tailored day of learning across BBC iPlayer, Red Button, BBC Bitesize website and app, BBC Four and BBC Sounds, with curriculum relevant offers across the UK. Together, this comprehensive package is aimed at minimising disruption to children’s education and providing rhythm and routine in these challenging times.

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Yeah, none of those are suited in the same way.

Suited to what exactly?

It is widely acknowledged that this crisis is a chance for the BBC to step up to the plate and prove its worth to the nation as a PSB. A huge "get the nation cooking on a budget" campaign would be a brilliant opportunity to do this, but it would need someone with a wider appeal.

And this show will be going head to head with This Morning, which has proved itself to be public service broadcasting personified over the last few weeks.

Like I said, I'm amazed the BBC haven't signed Jack up before, but for this slot? It's a misfire.
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It's just a bit odd that the BBC has let him on to its premises when most staff normally working there are expected to be working from home now. I would imagine a visit to a broadcaster's bureau for an interview does not qualify as essential travel since they can ring him or put up a video link to his office.

Essential travel includes travelling to work, if you can’t do it from home.

It is much more reliable to have him interviewed by proper broadcast equipment, and as he’s the Health Secretary in a pandemic, I’d say that’s pretty important.
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Suited to what exactly?

A huge "get the nation cooking on a budget" campaign

Name one (living) chef, just one, who has done more for people who need to cook on a budget, or to cook from their store cupboard?

it would need someone with a wider appeal.

Never mind them adapting the widely recognised Saturday Kitchen brand, or that Matt Tebbutt (a Saturday Kitchen regular) is also going to be there.
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With all the amazing voice talent out there I can't quite see what ITV bosses were looking for. A recent BBC Announcer vacancy job description asked for the following:

1. To perform both live and recorded material in an appropriate style with clarity, authority and versatility, using the correct pronunciation and acceptable grammar.

2. Have the ability to write and deliver scripts on air in the appropriate voice with flair, wit and style (job specific) Show meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.

Sadly this guy fails to show clarity, authority and versatility - basically he rushes each script, he introduces every show in the same way whether it be a Saturday Night Takeaway or a serious ITV News Special - no gravitas, he simply can't reflect the appropriate tone and style of the varied programming ITV delivers. Maybe his voice is best suited to ITVBe?
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She might well have been offered or thought about for her own show but her TV experience has been limited. Her recent appearances on This Morning went down very well, but she was very nervous and unpolished - by her own admission.

She is the perfect choice for these times, her cookery is based on really tight economy and cooking with limited ingredients. Perfect for those times when you have 4 cans of chickpeas and some leftover bacon in the cupboard and don't know what to do with them.

She's been doing a Twitter feature called lockdown larder helping people cook meals with odd ingredients they have at home. A sort of real life Ready Steady Cook
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The reason it's not done by phone is because it's 2020 and there's no need to. Plus audience expectations are higher than they used to be. Broadcasting a reporter on the phone with a still photo of them holding a phone is just not acceptable any more.

According to who? Feels like self fulfilling phophasy? Doesn't have to be a passport photo, can be related video images, that is often done anyway

But as a poster said earlier, that’s just radio?

There’s a difference between a reporter first on the scene of a breaking story doing a telephone interview and filling an entire programme with them.
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But the thing is he can do this interview work remotely. An interview can be done by establishing a live-link to his office. It's not like gallery staff who can't install make-shift equipment in their flat. I'm sure the Department has proper equipment or the broadcasters can send some over and figure out how social distancing can work once at the Department.