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UTV Newsline
No issue with the Met Office banner, it looks fine, the only bad thing about that screenshot is how wonky it is because of the angle!

Decision Time normally is only used in the days leading up to an election, you rarely see it so far in advance.
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Is someone leaving Westminster or just beefing up the team?

Good to see Mark Austin coming in, hope to see him anchoring coverage from the US as well.

Starting Sep according to his twitter.

I'm not at-liberty to say. However, every Westminster newsroom needs all the resource it can get right now.
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30-40 year olds really are an under served section of license fee payers.

I disagree. I'm 33 and probably consume twice more BBC than any other broadcaster. I think 6 Music serves me very well and I listen to that every morning but I also listen to programmes on other BBC stations, in contrast to hardly anything on commercial radio bar the occasional tennis commentary on Talk Sport 2.

People are allowed to change stations. I don't get this idea that people have to choose a station to suit their demographic and this stick to it all day every day.
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I'm 37 and find that Radio 1, 2 and 6 Music aren't to my tastes, although I watch the Innuendo Bingo feature of Scott Mills online . However, some commercial radio stations are better at targeting people in my age group with stations such as Absolute and Planet Rock.

Television on the other hand is a different story as I watch BBC One, Two, Four and BBC News.
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The Sky forum on DS has noted that the feeds for STV Edinburgh and Glasgow are showing an STV2 promo. They're still separate streams.

So, important to note that the Glasgow opt-out will morph into STV2, while the others are mothballed into the single channel.
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Maybe Radio 2 should do FM/DAB splits for some of the more polarising legacy stuff. Put Friday Night is Music Night on FM and something more attractive to the younger end of the demographic on DAB? Even something cheap like repeating an old session recording.

Isn't there already a BBC station that does that sort of thing on DAB? It even comes from the same building as Radio 2 It's not to the taste of all 30-40 year olds of course but it does serve that niche of being too old for Radio 1 and not wanting the middle of the road Radio 2

The plan when 6 Music was planned to be axed was to replace it with something called Radio 2 Extra which I think would have been along your lines but much watered down from what 6 Music does

The BBC denied the Radio 2 Extra plan (well, I suppose they would: but yes, 6 Music was and still is managed by and shares resources with Radio 2.

Radio 1.5 would be Heart or Absolute, wouldn't it? Or frantically retuning between both of them...

Radio is such an intimate medium, though, it would be impossible to please everybody in a given age range with one (new) station - Radios 1 and 2 have a half-century (and then some) legacy of public awareness and branding so most UK adults know what they are for, just as most people have a rough idea of what the 5 PSB TV channels are for. Unless you were doing something very niche indeed - when getting a mass audience wouldn't be your priority - you'd struggle to emulate that. It took the closure threat for 6 Music to establish itself (and even now, seven years on, it's still growing).