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I hope they have bought one more LDX than they had Sony... Most people I know using LDKs report that they are less reliable (so you need more spares) in a busy studio or OB environment, so you should always plan for at least one LDK/LDX to be out of action and in maintenance being repaired.

The ergonomics of the LDK/LDX series when operating handheld are also less well regarded by all the operators I know. They universally appear to prefer the HSC/HDC Sony design. Similarly the camera control (aka Racks) functionality on Sony appears to be more responsive, with less switching latency on the MCP/MSU.

Grass Valley will often do turnkey deals where you get a good deal on LDK/LDX cameras if you also buy their switchers and things like their K2 Dyno servers - and this can be significant if you are going for an IP install as GVG have good, but slightly bespoke, IP solutions...

Sony will also do deals - but their server offering isn't as compelling(*), and their IP integration took longer.

(*) Though to be fair K2 doesn't have a solid reputation either (EVS still rules the roost in that regard)
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UTV Newsline
If you've got a spare £3.5m...

UTV headquarters put on the market for £3.5m

For some reason, I thought it had already been sold. There's a new apartment complex going up right alongside Havelock House. Wouldn't be surprised if Havelock House is demolished and replaced by apartments. I've always found HH a bit of an eyesore, so I'd welcome a complete redevelopment of the site.
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They’re giving two weeks’ notice through a pop-up channel on EPG 100 from Tuesday.

That didn't happen . . . Shocked I guess there is still some horse-trading going on.

It looks as though you just got the wrong Tuesday, MGR, as the pop-up channel has appeared today, which means Sky Atlantic is pushed off the first page of the EPG.

Curiously, I don't have it - nor the alternate version on 997.