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Something different - the design arm of Sweden's SVT has posted a prototype of a new look for the evening news broadcast Rapport .

For reference, the current look used by SVT Rapport can be seen here:


There were hints a new look was on its way for some time. The newsroom studio setting has been slowly creeping in to more and more ouput. (Online updates, breaking news, Breakfast news) and the prototype titles are very similar to the SVT Breaking News ident.

The music is pretty weak though. Let's see what happens in January!
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That's exactly the sort of thing that I pictured when "cut out" was first mentioned. Smile

Also... The main channel is *definately* going to be renamed ITV1 (including in Northern Ireland) on 1st January, ITV plc will *definately* buy STV Group by the summer & rebrand it as ITV1 by the autumn, disband the Border region, get themselves bought by Liberty Global by the end of 2019, and all their channels be renamed as "Virgin Media One/Two/Three/Four/Kids/Be" by spring 2020! Wink Laughing
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Talking of which he's got a "behind the scenes" show in the New Year finding out what makes a "great story" from some of his guests.

Back on topic and good to see Timewasters returning next year. ITV2 don't do much scripted stuff but have had quite a good hit rate with their comedy in recent years - well, this and Plebs at least.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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After Turner networks renamed the channel to TruTv 8-9 years ago and ended live trial coverage, Katz networks a division of Scripps bought the trademarks and 100,000 hr library and is currently building out its newsroom and studios in Atlanta to relaunch the channel in May2019. The channel will be available for cable, OTT, Streaming. Its already been cleared in many markets to air on a digital subchannel. Which is an interesting development. Also it claimed the channel will be available for streaming, say for Roku and Appletv. All of these broadcasting methods that weren't as widely available when the channel went off air a few years ago.

Real Crime is huge section of the tv viewing apparently. For example LIVEPD is a massive show for A&E. If you dont know anything about it, think about it as a live version of COPS in multiple locations for 2 hours on Fri and Sat night. They usually have 30 cameras across the country streaming 'live" footage back to their studios. It has spawned multiple companion programs and and a now syndicated version airing on local stations nation wide.

So apparently there is an appetite for true crime and they think the resurrection of the venerable CourtTv is gonna be it.

Incidently Dan Abrams, legal analsyt for ABC News, former CourtTv anchor and Presenter of LIVEPD created a streaming network call the Law Crime Network. Its not widely available, but it sought to fill the void left by Court TV. I wonder what impact that will have on the channel. As Courttv will come steaming in to regain their territory.

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The difference is that This Morning is a magazine show with 10 hours a week to fill, so any excuse to dig into the archives and show some old clips is welcome.

Whereas Graham Norton is one hour a week and the expectation is that it is new content. A show that looks back at 10 years on the air or whatever would be perceived by many as just a cheap compilation show to fill a week when he’s on holiday
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