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One week today and the BBC press release of their Christmas programming will be published. Usually we get a hint of the BBC1 Christmas theme, so will it be a gold background like last year, or something new? Only 7 days until we find out.
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I assume you've seen this?

Which again probably says something about the differences between Channel and the rest of ITV that they were able to make that in this day and age.
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At the risk of sounding like Mouseboy or rkolsen, and just as a matter of passing interest, HBO's answer to CiN, Night of Too Many Stars, was on at the weekend.

Kind of like a live version of Channel 4's comedy show for SU4C, but with the cock ups and shambolic production of early Children in Need nights (even without regional contributions) and certain gags totally dying on their arses.

Just interesting to compare how ostensibly the same thing is handled across the pond.

From an autistic person, i'm glad they made this. Why can't Britain do this
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And La La Land and probably another form of media used to sponsor ITV2's entertainment repeats, maybe even now. It's nothing to moan about. It's just a way of sponsoring programming at a late, early or low-viewing time.
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