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The difference being News 24 could do it when nobody was watching it, pre-digital!

That is true, but it does happen with every system, both on new and established operations.

Normally a few weeks or months in when everyone's getting confident or complacent about it, it'll fall over spectacularly. But when it does happen everyone learns from it and either things are put into place to prevent it or they know what to do to fix it next time.

Um, I didn't post that, VMPhil did. Quoting error perhaps?
Change back to ITV1, as it's less confusing than calling the channel ITV and calling the company ITV!
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It's a bit half-baked, needs refining. I like the 'organic' kitchen feel you're going for, but you need to work on the graphics package a bit more. The strap and typography within looks like it's just plonked on screen. (and adopt safe areas)

Maybe try Proxima Nova, something that different from the main logo font.
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The point was exactly that – why does 'I'm not allowed to bring my bag in to the office. It's banished away to a locker between the hours of 09:00 & 17:00' from JasonB have any relevance to whether a newsreader has a bag in the studio? It doesn't. A bag in a studio is of no importance or relevance.

Unless said bag contains the TVS archive, of course.

For your information, it is relevant and I was making a point about it potentially being a distraction as the Studio has a very simple and 'clean' look. I'll have you know, I do not just stare at one part of the Studio during the sweep. Additionally, you all seemed to delve deeper and think beyond what I was saying, hence why I didn't understand you. That's the whole point of a 'Forum'. And I do not appreciate the attitude.
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When it came to bobsledding we don’t have a map of the course. Maybe it’s something that the broadcasters push?

I'm surpised they bother with special graphics for the one country that refuses to use metric, but then NBC pay a fortune for the rights...

NBC could easily cover the graphics with their own.

Edit : On the online coverage it’s in km/h and has the course map.
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A lot of talk about the censoring of audio post-watershed too, particularly during the Kendrick Lamar performance. Am I right in saying that pre-watershed rules apply because the show started at 8pm?

If they’d have put a warning on coming out of the break after 9 they would have been fine though I expect the fact there would probably have been a fairly large child/family audience influenced their decision to censor it.