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I do find it odd they keep it on air the days the slot is cut to half an hour due to the racing coverage beginning at 1.30pm, though nowadays there isn't much in the way of 30 minute shows that could fill the slot.

Even so I'd have thought budget wise it would be better to take time from This Morning - at least split the difference and run LW from 12.15pm on the days it ends at 1pm. TBH I'm amazed they don't just cut the lunchtime news on those days considering they do in the evening when live sport affects the scheduling.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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As I said, this rebrand makes even less sense than Opal Fruits becoming Starburst and Marathon becoming Snickers... Embarassed

Then you don't understand the quite vaild concept of cross-continental brand marketing.
Why produce the same product in several countries and advertise them as the unique names in each country - when you can call the exact same product with the same name (providing it doesn't mean something else dodgy in any of those countries) and save hundreds of the thousands in packaging and advertising.

Use the same visuals, over dub in that countries language and away you go. Time, money and effort saved in one 'hit'. It's Snickers wherever you go, it's Starburst where ever you go.
These products are still flying off the shelves. It's only the cloth-eyed little Englanders stuck in the 1970's who refuse to call them by their 'new' names, for fear of realising that they've grown up, and the world has moved on.

I think you've missed the point I was trying to make... Embarassed Embarassed

While a lot of people were unhappy about the loss of the Opal Fruits and Marathon names, and some still are to this day (and I'm not sure I'd call them cloth-eyed little Englanders stuck in the 1970s - I'm sure some of them are Welsh, Scottish, Irish or Northern Irish Wink), these rebranding exercises *did* make some sense. As you say, why use local branding when you can use the exact same brand in every country the product is sold in and thus save heaps of cash?

That said, Walkers still hasn't been rebranded as Lay's. If it did, then it would be the exact same scenario - many people wouldn't be happy and some would defiantly continue to call them Walkers (and probably wouldn't care too much if they were called cloth-eared old gits as a result), but PepsiCo would save money and the crisps would still fly off the shelves.

Here, though, it just feels like VMI are rebranding TV3 to suit themselves more than anything else. They're rebranding a product that they own but isn't necessarily related to any other products they own that already use the Virgin Media brand (in contrast to Opal Fruits/Starburst, Marathon/Snickers and Walkers/Lay's, as well as Jif/Cif, Ulay/Olay, etc). And I'm not sure they'd be saving a great deal of money, either - especially when the Virgin Media brand isn't free.
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So it's not just TV3, 3e and Be3 becoming VM1/2/3 respectively then. Changing the profile of 3e and Be3 yet again isn't going to help anybody.

Even if they rebranded them VM3, VM3e and VMBe3 that would work a bit better. No doubt after the initial emphasis on the parent brand they'll get lazy and just call then One, Two and Three anyway.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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With online viewing, and PVRs used with gay abandon, I wonder how much longer the watershed will survive ?

I agree. Most of my viewing is recorded, the only issue with 'post-watershed' programmes is that they require me to enter a PIN on Sky+.

News programmes are possibly the only thing I watch 'live', and even now on Freeview+ you're encouraged to "watch from the start".
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WISH 8 - Indianapolis, Indiana - the former independent, now CW affiliated tv station that lost its CBS affiliation drastically ramped up their news broadcasts to 70hrs a week. For decades the station branded itself as 24 Hour News 8 . Now they really live up to that name with mulitple daily newscasts and updates across the day. Recently they have debuted a new set. The station is now owned by NEXSTAR which is a group not know for creating "pretty" in fact they are pretty tragic looking. This is certainly a new look with video ribbons and with heavy dose of red to compliment the long-time red logo they really created a bright modern look.


Set debut and story

That looks horrendous.
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I managed to leave the BBC 2 distribution to the Rowridge transmitter unplugged after some work one night, and caused the following morning's Open University programmes to be rebroadcast at a later point.
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Convinced my parents to get rid of Sky to save £38 per month. Ended up getting a Now TV box and now they're paying £34 per month just for Sky Sports.

Gone from saving £456 per year to just £48 per year.

This is the first time I’ve heard of someone convincing their parents to get rid of Sky.

Well, why pay for something that we don't use when we can spend the money on better things elsewhere. I will admit though, they are watching the Sky Sports channels a lot more than the channels they used to pay for.
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