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Diggin It was pretty much a day zero relaunch, with a new set and presenters.

I wonder what happened to Des (or Paul as he's really known)? Doesn't seem to have been anywhere since he left diggit in 2002. Reggie Yates (or Robbie as they called him there- keeping on the "character" names from the Disney Club) presented Diggit occasionally too, and he was pretty much inseperable from Fearne Cotton on TV during the 00s.
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...the show pays for it in exchange for the right to film the case and use it in the programme.

If that's the case, then it should be taxable income - which is not how it's reported or treated by the production company.

In exchange for this you agree to waive the right to take the issue to a magistrate's court or appeal or whatever.

No, you don't. That may be true of Judge Judy (I've no idea whether it is or not), but it certainly isn't true on Judge Rinder.

"key this car for a chance to appear in front of Judge Rinder"

You're right that you wouldn't get on the programme for that: it would (usually) be criminal damage and they don't do criminal cases.
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Coleen Nolan in charge today and tomorrow. It’s been a while.
I notice it's at a time when the show's runtime has been halved, thanks to Royal Ascot.

I imagine they're testing the waters with Coleen again with the shorter shows. I'm surprised they don't use Nadia more as anchor when the main ones are away.

I notice they're prerecording episodes for August. Has the show always done that when it's not bank holidays?

From what I saw of the show (snippets on YouTube), Coleen did perfectly well today and probably had one of her best-ever anchored shows, if not the best ever. She seemed perfectly at ease.
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Surely World could have gone on with Outside Source as normal since the Debate is a domestic story?
If anyone wondering why World is in C its because B is being prepared for 'Our Next Prime Minister' which is on at 19:00GMT

Explains why Reeta Chakrabarti was in the virtual studio for the Five Yesterday as well!

No reason to believe that World won't go to OS at 19:00GMT however it is Global that is on World during the five.
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Also, people have mentioned the Disney Club, but nobody's mentioned Diggit, which I think originally span off from it (I think they ran alongside each other for a few months?). One of the earliest TV jobs of Fearne Cotton. I think it only originally ran on Saturdays, but it later ran on Sunday too.

Diggit began in early 1998. It was live on Saturdays (from 7:10) replacing ‘wake up in the wildroom’ and recorded on Sundays (from 8:00) replacing ‘Roadhog’. Des (Paul Ballard) and Fearne Cotton both came from Disney Club with Fearne winning the search for a new presenter. Des was also part of Roadhog. As Diggit was the first live programme for both Des & Fearne the first month or so were hosted by Gail Porter as they found their feet.

Which later became "diggin it".