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Tried something new again, nothing is boxed in now, so does look pretty similar to the current logos tbh. Numerals are smaller and in the channel/brand colours and the dot on the i in the ITV logo is filled in with the channel/brand colour also. I think this gives the actual ITV logo a bit more vibrance as in all the other editions of the mock they were just sat there next to the numerals/words really. I've added a few more dots to the CITV, which coincidentally fits with the idea of the ITV dot being coloured in. Obviously a bit different to the last one, just thought I'd try something different. Let me know what you think Smile

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A new TV programme called Ireland on Call is to begin from RTÉ early next week. It is a new programme which will give people live updates on the progress of Coronavirus in Ireland. It will be hosted by Katie Hannon & Brendan Courtney. It will be broadcast every Tuesday & Thursday evening at 7pm on RTÉ One. Promos have appeared for the new programme on RTÉ One this evening.
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Hi everybody!

As you know, there are streaming services on the rise at the moment (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ to name a few), so for my first design project, I thought I'd make my own idea for the BBC to cash in on the action. By that, I mean evolving BBC Three again, to an subscription video-on-demand service that would be independent from BBC iPlayer, in a way similar to 10 Play and 10 All Access in Australia.

The new BBC Three would not just offer programming to the BBC library and back catalogue, but original programming (including current BBC Three originals), select programming from third parties, and maybe some original films. So to kick things off, I designed a newly-refreshed logo:


Next, I designed how the interface should look. which has a rather vibrant feel, as with most streaming services. I took it to great lengths to make that design alone stand out, by having preview clips on the featured tab. In the "Popular on BBC Three" scroll, I made BBC Three original programming stand out by containing a "BBC Three Original Series" tag.


To wrap things up, thank you to anybody who reads my little explainations and info about my early progress of the revamp, and I hope you all like this idea of another BBC Three makeover. I look forward to receiving feedback on this treasured project! Smile
Ahh, the joys of TV.
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Indeed out of all of them, I believe it’s only the speech in 1997 that was broadcast live.

All the rest were pre-recorded, including the message on Sunday.

This was the speech in 1997:

This was the speech in 2002:

And this was the speech in 2012, which for some reason I don’t remember at all:
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