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The UK Food presentation looks ok, UKTV have to keep their corporate kind of look, I think the UK Style idents were better before May 7th when UKTV cahnged their logo, I like the current UK Gold 2 Idents, UK Gold's old ones, although I do think the programming on UK Gold 2 should be altered, more older stuff should be shown rather than repeats of stuff on UK Gold. I think UK Food is a good name for a channel, it makes the UKTV family of channels look better, they could have made a UK Kids and they could show all those old kids proframmes they used to show on UK Gold in 1993 before all other UK TV Channels came along!
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I found an old TV Times from 1993, and it had some UK Gold kids programmes, like the mercury 'Rude Dog and the Dweebs' (not been on for ages!) and a cartoon called 'Beverly Hills Teens' - presumably 90210 in animated form, did anyone ever see it?