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Asa3,215 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
Not possible.

TV broadcasts on a different (much higher) frequency than radio can pick up.

My old scanner (that's radio, not PC!) used to be able to pick the channels.

Cheers, Asa
ScottC0 post since 4 Jun 2001
It used to be possible in the old Black & White days when TV was broadcast on VHF and 405 lines.

I remember my Dad listening to World Of Sport footy results on his way back from a match.

Nowadays terrestrial broadcasts are transmitted on UHF which you can't pick up on a normal radio.
Gavin Scott8,284 posts since 23 Mar 2001
I bought a copy of the Official Star Trek magazine (the American version), and there was a full page ad for what looked like a rip-off of the BOSE Wave Radio. Made by Zenith it was a clock-radio device but could be tuned to TV frequencies - it claimed you could wake up to your favourite TV shows.

I guess they must broadcast NTSC signals at VHF levels? Either that or the radio encompassed a UHF receiver.

Sounded good though.

g. Wink