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Gridster0 post since 25 Mar 2017
Yes they are, and I like it.

It's very subtle, especially compared with the usual "stingy" sort of Newsbeat music that Radio 1 have liked to use over the previous few years.
JB371 posts since 4 Jan 2003
They seem to like changing it every January without fail...

I wondered how long it would take them to use the corporate theme, although it does sound very BBC4. Quite nice, but not as punchy as the last one.
CyberCD395 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I'm kind of used to them changing it every January now, and was wondering if they'd go for a generic BBC News-type theme.

Sounds a little bit BBC World to me?
Jamez0 post since 6 Apr 2001
Newsbeats presentation is great - Andrew Fletcher was my fave newsreader, although he seems to have disappeared.

Chappers gets on my nerves - and now he's on UK Gold! arrghh

Georgina Bowman has a nice voice, if a little monotone.

Matt Barbet is v.good too.
DAS3,134 posts since 10 Apr 2001
Nice, but somehow I think it's lost its Radio 1 Newsbeat-ness. Not jazzy enough! In my opinion, the 1999 set was the best although the last set we've just had were good too. Vibe MI if I recall.