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Square Eyes7,146 posts since 31 Mar 2001
No Tonight disappeared about 2 months ago, and was replaced by Live Lunch a similar programme but at lunchtime, sadly no Christine. She's gone off to present on Wellbeing (pants Lifestyle Channel that nobody watches). And don't think there is a connection with Fred ! Isn't he your on-screen weatherman ?
Big Phil0 post since 25 Mar 2001
Fred does reports for Granada Tonight (usually live from events around the region) and usually does the voice over on the weather on Granada Tonight (not at any other time, because then we get your lot from Yorkshire!), sadly not on-screen, however! Perhaps he will be on-screen tomorrow, who knows?
Big Phil0 post since 25 Mar 2001
Ah, you see, after seeing them for as long as we have here in the NorthWest, you begin to grow fond of them. Fred IS the face of Granada, I've just decided! They should stick his face on the front page of the Granada website!
cat2,491 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Anyone got a small explosive handy? I am off to blow up Quay Street.
How bloody annoying, after all the trailer and the reports promised us.
Oh sorry, they have a new presenter, how silly of me not to notice.