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Big Phil0 post since 25 Mar 2001
Don't worry, I was planning to do just that! Incidentally, the music on the trailer is really good - fast and upbeat. I hope it's the music used on the program! Also, I said earlier in this thread that I thought that the ad used the smoky hearts theme. Well I've seen it again and I'm afraid to say that I was mistaken, it was vertical, moving lines.
cat2,491 posts since 4 Jan 2003
You are SORRY they are not hearts! Personally I am over the moon, if they were hearts it would have meant the hearts idents would have been with us for another 3 years!
Anyway the vertical lines look very good, and bear in mind the trailer is liable to look nothing like the programme.
Big Phil0 post since 25 Mar 2001
Don't worry, I was being ironic. Yes, the lines do look pretty groovy I suppose, I hope that they play some part in the design.

I saw the LAST EVER old-style Granada News before, and I was very sad to hear Rachel Harrison saying that she would be back at 6.10am tomorrow. She should be the main presenter of Granada Tonight, not doing bloody early mornings!

I think we'll be seeing her on national news soon.
Square Eyes7,146 posts since 31 Mar 2001
Big Phil posted:
I'll never know, because that's waaaaay too early for me! I might make an effort, though, I did when 5 News relaunched last year.

And I'll bet you really wished you hadn't bothered !
Big Phil0 post since 25 Mar 2001
Don't you still get Tonight with that lovely Christine Talbot woman? She looks reeeeally friendly. I wonder if she's married to Granada's Fred Talbot?