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I understand that On Digital won't be able to crucially rebrand as ITV Digital because ITV companies that aren't OnD shareholders, such as Scottish, are blocking it.

This could hit OnD heavily.
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Well the other day I was flicking through the news channels (bored as per usual) anyway I stopped, as I do, on News 24 and started watching a live feed from Gothemburg with the Bush interview. I promptly got bored of Geroge Dubbiya and decided to flick to Sky News and heard exactly the same words uttered about 5 seconds later. The camera angle was the same as well. I think this was a BBC World feed and was being used by N24, Sky News and ITN News Channel, but the Beeb had it 5 seconds before everyone else did. So in that respect you heard it first with the BBC, and 5 seconds later with Sky News!!

Mark Grindon
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It would not be a BBC World feed, it would most likely be a APTN feed or Reuters feed.
It all depends on the satellite they are using, on many occasions, infact the Paddington Report today, Sky have had the video that oh so crucial 5 seconds before the BBC.
And the point was that Sky break news faster, for example today, Sky got to air Corbett's response to the Report about 30 mins before the BBC.
Of course they would have had to check and check again.
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SkyNews posted:
How does a discussion on ITV Digital (fairly neutral in this forum) get on to time delays & Sky vs BBC vs ITN!!!

Sorry, my fault!

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SkyNews posted:
How does a discussion on ITV Digital (fairly neutral in this forum) get on to time delays & Sky vs BBC vs ITN!!!

Yes your thread has been hijacked. Why not try to get it back on track, by the way.... what is your favourite cheese ?
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How many people think that the BBC should break news stories on News24 and world when they hear about them but mention that they havn't been confirmed yet instead of waiting for two independant confirmations
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Why should they say they haven't been confirmed?
I have only seen Sky get it wrong once this year and that was only a technical detail.
Take for example a boy who had been shot in the Gaza Strip the other week.
It was broken on Sky as soon as it hit the wires, no mention on CNN or News24 or ITN.
It was about 11pm.
I was still up at 2am and still Sky were the only ones reporting this, it wasn't anywhere on the BBC Text service, nor on BBC News Online or CNNIn.
I went to bed and the next morning I woke up and one of the headlines on Breakfast was 'a boy has been shot dead in the Gaza Strip'.
God knows when the other networks finally got around to putting the story out, as a rule CNN is quite quick with breaking news, but not this time obviously.
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So why do the BBC wait for indepentant confirmations compared with Sky? Is it a 'BBC thing' or are they required by law? Obviously, this wasn't that much of an issue prior to N24's launch.

And erm..ITV. Well I can see Granada and Carlton twisting the other lot's arm saying it will be beneficial to ITV as a whole, probably!

Cheers, Asa