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Andrew Wood2,953 posts since 30 Mar 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
I don't doubt the storyline would be a good one along those lines, and would have the opportunity to throw up all sorts of conflicts as to the correct course of action.

However, I just feel the title is quite jokey about something so important in our real history.

Whilst 'Death' has featured in the titles of several episodes, this will be the first time for 'Kill'.

I don't really know why - probably just my personal sensibilities and age - but it doesn't sit well with me.
davidhorman1,557 posts since 8 Mar 2005
Channel Channel Islands
Well I thought it was rather obvious what the title means

...and of course things are not that simple. I doubt it's meant in a literal way

Or is it? The "Coming Soon" trailer after the Christmas Special still has two or three shots we haven't seen yet, and one of them features but up until now I'd assumed it was a scene cut out of the opener. And now I come to think of it, was it ever explained why
the Doctor was running around history being deliberately ridiculous?

I think tonight's is going to turn out to be one of those "better second time around" episodes. I think the twist was telegraphed, but very nicely played by all involved, particularly, I thought,
River's first (ish) meeting with Rory.

Mr-Stabby2,699 posts since 4 Feb 2004
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Oh, did anyone else notice something rather different - but good - about the titles?

All the added TARDIS sounds as the logo appears - certainly not there in the previous six episodes.

I also noticed a hell of a lot more of the original 1960s TARDIS hums and interior sound effects as the TARDIS appeared in different locations. Certainly the biggest use of the original sound effects in the new series so far.
besty461 posts since 24 Oct 2003
Not that much of a mystery (I would say). I bet it's moving to Autumn as of 2012 - which might mean some over-run into January (hence the "bulk in 2012" comment). Would make sense as November 2013 sees the 50th anniversary and it would be nice to see the normal series run then. Plus, if it is on later in 2012, they can afford to film later this year, without spoiling the end of series 6.

Plus - it just works better in Autumn - imo anyway.
Joe6,063 posts since 9 Oct 2005
Meridian (South) South Today

Interesting two links I saw on a comment the Guardian's website - artwork for proposals of designs of two monsters from this series. Whilst I have no idea if these are genuine, I do believe they are. The commentary is interesting, as well as seeing what might have been. Of course, the nephew being swapped for an Ood was simply for budgetary reasons.