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Steve Naylor0 post since 13 Apr 2001
Look North Leeds often sent Paul Hudsen out and about for the 6.30 programme to different events or just a hillside to broadcast the weather from - at all times of the year, ie. fields full of snow or fields fun of the sun's rays!
cat2,491 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Sky always send the presenters out during the summer, the sometimes do it from the end of a pier or at a beach etc.
Fox News do it in the middle of New York City sometimes, which is probably quite dangerous!
Jamez0 post since 6 Apr 2001
SkyNews posted:
And hardly anyone watches 5 @ Breakfast anyway!

*ahem* I do! Wink

I like the funky music, but i understand that its being replaced with the ITN News Channel??